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Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Reveals Cool New Gadgets

On Thursday, Sony released a 14 minutes gameplay trailer of Horizon Forbidden West. The trailer reveals several mind-blowing features of the game. The Guerrilla Games project shows the Post-apocalyptic time along with the futuristic theme. These are the two factors that make it worth playing. The Horizon Zero Dawn was a game very much appreciated by the gamers. The upcoming sequel is making them curious as well as excited since the game is expected to be a highly advanced medium of fun on PlayStation 5.

According to several gamers who are into the Horizon series, the arrival of the game on PS5 will make it look like a marvel since the community would love to enjoy certain specifications of the platform. The haptic feedback, ultra-high graphics, and impressive FPS (frames per second) seem to be the innovation videogame players have been looking for. Combining 

PS5 Exclusive Horizon Forbidden West Gadgets And Arsenal 

Horizon Forbidden West is believed to be one of the highly anticipated games of modern times. The reason is not just its concept but also the platform which is supporting and boosting its features. As per the gameplay, the game has shown action, adventure, and thrill in the form of the protagonist named Aloy facing robotic monsters. The gamers must be glad to witness certain new entries in the central character’s arsenal. 

Aloy Upgraded With Special Powers 

Before jumping to the part where the main character reveals her special skills in order to save what’s left of the world after the apocalypse, the significance of her appearance must be discussed. Aloy is a woman trying to fight the chaos and giant robots in the most crucial situations. Some people opined that the game is admired due to its concept comprising a woman that tackles the hardships independently. For them, the imminent video game can be considered a reflection of women’s empowerment in society. 

Coming to the fun part now, the protagonist holds special powers in the latest version. She has multiple lethal weapons that she can use against the deadly creatures to kill them and to protect her friends from them. Her special abilities include taking control over the killing machines, diving underwater, free-climbing, and advanced combat skills. 

Her gadgets are the main focus point that would help her in dealing with the raiders who seem to be the new addition to the list of monsters. 

Spear And Bow

Similar to the previous game, Aloy’s biggest plus point and skill is her archery. She is super skilled in using her spear and bow against enemies. Her arrows are lethal enough to damage the enemies’ armors and expose all the weak spots. The launcher is another special piece of equipment that uses smoke bombs and spikes to cause maximum damage. 

Enemy’s Gadgets 

Horizon Forbidden West is among the new PS5 games to offer a special skill set to the hero of the game. like many other action thriller games, West also allows the gamer to pick the gadgets and weapons detached from the opponents.  

Slingshot and Bombs

Among the new additions, Aloy who comes across a herd of unwanted creatures can disarm and scatter them through her grenades. Though she can fight but stalling the big machines would make her job easier. 

Focus Scanner and Other Tools 

Since the hero is known for her presence of mind and skill set, she requires to climb up the spots to foreshadow and plan her next move. For this, she carries a focus scanner to see the free climbing spots. other than that, she is equipped with shielding for her glider and a pullcaster for a grappling hook. 

Certain other gadgets are not yet revealed to keep the suspense intact among the gamers. 

Horizon Might Not Be Very Enjoyable On PS4

The gamers on social media expressed their opinion about Horizon Forbidden West that it might not be as enjoyable on PS4 as it would be on PS5. The reason might be the game design and the latest upgrades. Seemingly, it is designed to please users of PS5 who have spent 1000+ dollars to buy the new Sony PlayStation5 with its smart features and performance-based chipsets. PS4 might just hold the best specs of the game back and may not provide the desired outcomes.

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