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What is The Inspiration Behind Horizon Zero Dawn Series for Netflix?

Horizon game series is one of the finest RPGs with unique design and character build up settings. The title is a combination of post apocalyptic chaos and science fiction. PlayStation has decided to give gamers and Horizon fans a chance watch a live action Horizon zero dawn series on Netflix. On top of that, the writer Steve Blackman is the mastermind behind the script who is also famous for being the showrunner of the Umbrella Academy series. Other than that, inspiration is the biggest thing behind the development of the game based Netflix show. 

What is Horizon Zero Dawn all About? 

Just like the game, the Horizon Zero Dawn is based on futuristic monsters roaming in the ruins of United States. The series’ time period reflects post apocalyptic era that is thousands of years in future. The gist of the game is also there in the show which means that the ultra advanced robotic monsters or machines have decided to take on the world. This is the part where the main character named Aloy comes in to solve the mystery. He seems to be finding why the high tech machines have become antagonists. His other part of the job is to save the world.  

What Makes it Special?

Many are talking on social media regarding the game’s essence in a season. The ones who have watched the Umbrella Academy, have opined that the series will have a bright future in the industry since the writer has worked wonders in his previous work. Thus, the presence of Steve is what making Horizon Zero Down special in the world of streaming as well as gaming. 

But that is just one perspective, the critics are also rolling their way into the negative remarks to know what they feel about the series. For some, the show isn’t a big deal since many games have done the same. Like the recently released Resident Evil Village series and Mortal combat. For them, it must have some sort of challenge like a new plot or something out of the box but with the gist of the game attached with it. So far, all that is out is pointing toward the same plot and characteristics.      

Inspiration Behind the Project?

Many games and series designed on a common plot structure have a certain background story to know what made the developers or directors create the titles. In the case of the Horizon Zero Dawn series, it’s serving its gamers community. There isn’t much of a concept of inspiration but an idea to create interest in people in what they play and watch. Reportedly, the upcoming series is going to be a mirror reflection of the original game but with certain plot twists. But when people who love games watch a movie or series created on the base of concepts of games they play, they can relate to it. Simply put, they compare and contrast what happened in the game and how is the series doing justice to it. 

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