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Upcoming Horror Game The Medium Will Haunt Your Soul

For those who admire thrill, adventure, and an element of psychological gothic fiction in gaming, the upcoming horror Game ‘The Medium’ is a good choice. It seems to be the hallmark for paranormal and supernatural games. The newest imminent game comprises numerous impressive features that the gamers who are into mystical and full of suspense games might appreciate. Furthermore, the events in the forthcoming horror entertainment piece for gamers will probably give them nightmares. 

Certain Incredible Features Of Upcoming Horror Game The Medium

Supposedly, most of the gamers who like to brainstorm while playing games on their gaming platforms, prefer innovative and strategic masterpieces to enjoy more. Also, many videogames enthusiasts consider duplicity of aspects and angles in a game. Thus, the upcoming horror game ‘The Medium’ might be something to consider in order to attain a psychological horror experience. 

The impending game holds several characteristics including astral projection through which the main character can be at both the real and spiritual world. The feature gives the character power to achieve the milestones that it requires. Besides, the third-person facility in the game gives an advanced outlook to the game.

What makes The Medium A Good Preference?

Unlike many gothic games, The Medium has a very unique concept that shows the gamer how to use certain tactics at a particular moment. Besides, it also allows the player to strategically play the game according to the game’s story. 

The game begins with the monolog presented by the protagonist of the game. According to the trailer, the girl who plays the protagonist has a special ability. She can be in two different worlds including spiritual and real at the same time. She can interact with the supernatural beings, help them or save herself from being a victim of paranormal encounters. Supposedly, the game reveals a wide range of character-based abilities for the heroine to deal with the unnatural beings. 

As per the complexity of the game revealed by its trailer, the upcoming horror game can be considered as one of the most difficult games that only expert gamers can play.  

What Are The Drawbacks? 

The upcoming horror game is the project of Bloober developers who designed the masterpiece for Xbox and Microsoft Windows. This probably makes it one of the best games for PC as well as Xbox gaming platform. However, this might also be counted as a drawback since the users of PlayStation 4/5 can’t play the game. The ways to play the exclusive game are: jailbreaking and playing the hacked version or simply buy an expensive desktop computer, customize it and then enjoy the game.    

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