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Top 5 Horror Movies for Halloween 2021 to Avoid the Unwanted Boredom

Halloween has always been about the spooky decorations and kids running out on streets in scary costumes, hitting doorbells asking for trick and treat. October is here and Halloween is on its way but unfortunately due to Covid19, it will risky to do all the fun out on the streets. The only masks people would be wearing would be face masks to keep themselves away from getting infected. However, the event isn’t supposed to be boring hence people can do other activities to entertain themselves. One particular way to enjoy the night is by watching the best horror movies for Halloween. Also, many scary films are there on multiple platforms including Netflix and HBO Max. The ones who enjoy thrill and terror with some snacks can decide which movies will be their escape from the isolated Halloween. 

5 Most Horror Movies for Halloween 

Halloween and horror movies are somehow connected. The genre is an absolute fit for those who prefer watching the psychological horror and jump scares on the night when watching ghosts and demons on screens makes all the sense in the world. Usually, the people who enjoy such films often get confused regarding their choice of film. They don’t want to waste their night by choosing a wrong and drag film. Thus, the right options will save time and provide the necessary pleasure. 


The move ELI was previously trending on Netflix as many people were fussing about its creative plot. For Halloween, the movie is a perfect fit for those who like to enjoy psychological and mind-bending horror films. The movie starts with a mother trying to get her son fixed. She takes him to a house since she was assured by the doctor the treatment is only here. The boy starts to experience the presence of dead kids in the house and events get out of hand. Soon the mother realizes that his son has no disease but he is something else than a human. ELI is the boy’s name who afterward gets to know that his mother was the one keeping a deep secret from him. He leaves his mother to continue his life as the creature he was born to be. 

House Of Wax

Lots of movies have been notorious to make people’s skin crawl. House of wax can be counted among the list of such movies. The reason is that it can give creeps by revealing the twists. Starting with the name that doesn’t sound that scary but while watching the movie, the meaning attached to the title becomes more and more clear. Imagine being in a town that is rigged and people aren’t even real. The biggest trauma comes when the audience sees that the characters are trapped and there is no way out from the town. House of wax can be one of the best horror movies for Halloween due to its thrilling plot structure.  


The 2009 film orphan is one of the best psychological thriller films with the most mind-twisting storyline. One thing that the film taught us is that children are not that sweet. The movie starts with Kate and John, a couple who adopts an orphan to raise as their own. But the series of unfortunate events began to haunt them when they see that their sweet and intelligent daughter isn’t what she seems. A big twist comes when she kills a poor pigeon before some kids. At that moment, the film gets darker. Sooner after that incident, the couple also came to know that she is in trouble when the girl tries to seduce her adoptive father. 

Insidious Films 

All four parts of insidious are quite informative regarding the knowledge of supernatural entities. Also, the latest part can be considered as one of the best new Halloween movies that can give nightmares to the audience. It is one of the movies that almost every gothic fiction lover must have watched. Yet, watching it only one time might not be enough for many since the movie demands good observational and comprehensive skills. Other than that, all the parts involve super scary scenes, especially the ones where demons reveal them before the characters. 

Dabbe: Curse of the Jinn

American horror movies are usually admired due to their psychological terrors. But if the talk is about the super horror movies for Halloween, Dabbe: Curse of the Jinn can’t be skipped. The Turkish film is based on necromancy and its hideous effects on a Muslim family. A religious scholar who collabs with a researcher find out that a girl is under the influence of a demon. He tries to help her family but encounters that the monster isn’t weak. He discovers harsh realities about the twisted family and the possessed girl. The end contradicts the happy ending format since the film is based on a true story.

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