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What Does the Phrase Hot Girl Summer Mean to People?

Hot Girl Summer has been the anthem for many people who like to share their non-modest pictures with the world without any shame. Those who are wondering where this phrase came from then they should thank the American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. She released a song with the same title in 2019 featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign. It was an instant hit due to the unapologetic over-sexualization of women. Women and men played this song repeatedly while wearing minimal clothes to show that they were also having their own “hot girl summer”.

Hot Girl Summer is Inclusive for All

Megan described the phrase in an interview as a mindset for women and men to be themselves and have fun without caring about what others would think. However, when it became meme fodder most people were using it to show ironic self-deprecating jokes. Even those who thought they were not too sexy for posting revealing images, posted them anyway with the hashtag hot girl summer.

There are of course different meanings for different people. Some consider this as a motivation for shaping up one’s body to look sexy in summers. Others think that it means to wear the provocative dress and flirt around with as many people as possible. While few consider this as something vulgar and only for those people who enjoy non-monogamous relationships. Actually, the phrase is for all these kinds of people as Megan said in her interview that it was inclusive for all.

How People Are Using It?

Due to the vagueness of its definition, the phrase can literally mean anything like if people want to hang around with their friends all day, they will do so and post pictures on social media saying the phrase. Those who put on make-up used the phrase and those who struggled with mental health also brandished the mentality posed by this phrase.

Everybody who liked doing things that made them happy in the summer became part of the trend. Also, summers give all the more reason to leave the body uncovered from various parts.

Maybe hot girl summer became such a catch because people were vaccinated and ready to go out this time since the summer of 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the summer is over now, people are relating their moods to other weather conditions. One pointed that it was going to be a gothic girl fall since the gothic style has fall vibes.

For some, it was going to be sad donkey autumn because of how sadness and fall season complement each other.

Even though Megan clearly said that the phrase was inclusive of all genders, races, and cultures, some entities (probably male) on the internet still made it about themselves. Some started the trends like “hot boy summer” or “city boy summer” and turned it into a battle of sexes.

Link with Feminism

The origin of the Hot girl summer phrase is connected with the feminist movement that it was ok for women to be as bad as men. Women have been watching their so-called boyfriends cheat on them and sleep around with other women. This trend is to encourage women to do the same to men as well. It means women can have sex with anyone they want and make money however they want. It is just to show that if men are bad then women can also be bad or even worse.

The original song with the title has garnered more than 50 million views on YouTube in 3 years.

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