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Age Difference between Male and Female Leads in Houseful 4 Is Shocking

Indian comedy film Houseful 4’s trailer is out giving birth to several questions regarding Bollywood’s misogynistic behavior that reflects well in the movie’s strategy of casting female leads.

After the trailer was released the response of viewers was mixed. The positive word mainly came from Akshay Kumar’s fans and viewers who love the hilarious and entertaining aspect of Houseful series which has reflected well in previous three films despite the fact that there was nothing much to show in the story.

The Age Controversy in Houseful 4

A look at a trailer reveals that the film has a very confusing story which was perhaps a prerequisite of making a thrilling cinematic creation, one that audience requires from this type of series. The trailer generated criticism, applause, memes and what not.

The one reason for which folks are waiting for the movie’s release is the memes.

Well, the most important which is worth talking about the film is the age difference of male and female leads. The cast includes Akshay Kumar, Kiriti Sanon, Ritesh Deshmukh, Kiriti Kharbunda, Boby Deol and Pooja Hegde.

Interestingly, all the male actors are working in the industry for almost two decades, in the case of Akshey Kumar its almost three decades; they are also way too elder than their female counterparts.

Some social media users just couldn’t resist highlighting this difference.

Akshay Looks Like Uncle of Kiriti Sanon

No Place for Old Actresses As Heroins

Akshay Kumar who is 52 years old will have Kiriti Sanon as his female lead who is 29 years old. Bobby Deol who is 50 years old has Kiriti Kharbanda as a heroine who is 30 years old. Such an age gap between the ages of male and female leads which is not the first of its kind and is almost an attribute of most of the Bollywood movies raises the question on the discriminatory depiction of females in the society as a whole. Very often critics question why the 90s actresses don’t play heroines with their counterpart 90s actors anymore.

Unfortunately, the usual Bollywood masala movies revolve about the male characters and females are shown as a fun element. From the film’s point of view, they are accounted for their presence, glamour and dance number more than the actual role they might have to play.

Even if there is no intentional discrimination with female lead on the basis of gender and the role they have to play one can’t resist wondering why actors who are above 50 years of age and have teenage kids can play the role of newly engaged bachelors but the actresses with the same age group can’t play such roles anymore.

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