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Hilarious Things Kids Are Told About How Babies Are Born

I was six years old when my younger brother was born. I never felt more excited and also inquisitive than that occasion. While I was happy to have another sibling and a playmate I was also curious about how he came into being. All I remember is my mom going to the hospital, we siblings hearing about the birth of our brother and then endless facilitations from friends and relatives followed by my grandfather distributing sweetmeats in the neighborhood. Amidst all these celebrations a question just stuck my mind how my brother was born and how babies are born?

My Myth for How Babies Are Born

So, it was my brother’s birth that made me believe a myth inculcated into my brain by my mom after an interesting dialogue with her.

Me: Mom how my brother came into this world?

She: (smilingly), God gave him to us.

Me: But you had been to the hospital. God could have given you him even at the home.

She: Actually God gives babies to nurses who in turn give them to moms.

Me: (Surprisingly), then how nurses get those babies. Does God send them from the sky and they catch them?

She: (laughingly), yes this is how God sends babies to nurses.

I didn’t argue my mom further and believed what she told me. And, I continued believing the same myth untill I came to know about facts.

Some Other Myths

I thought myself so dumb to think that God sends babies to nurses who then distribute them to moms, untill I came to know about some more myths. My friends and people whom I talked to about this had other hilarious stories to share.

Few of them are as follows.

God Throws Kids Directly from Heaven

I have heard that in many families it is the norm to make a hole into the ceiling by taking out some bricks. So, that parents of newborns can tackle their kids’ questions regarding how babies are born, by telling them that God sent them another one through a ceiling hole.

The Myth of Cot

Here is another myth that I came across after eye witnessing a funny incident. Recently, I saw four years old kid helplessly dragging a cot under the sky. I asked him why he was doing so. And, he told he wanted a little sister because the God has thrown a baby in the cot of his neighbors. I immediately got what he meant and what the poor lad was told by his mom.

Baby Born In a Pitcher

God sends babies from the sky, is the commonality among most of the myths regarding how babies are born. But, there are few more exceptional myths. Like very often moms tell that they fill pitchers with soil, and then bury them deep in the ground and after sometimes they get a baby as if he/she is a plant and not a human being.

And, the tale doesn’t end here. The answer to how babies are born depends upon the creativity of parents, what they want their kids to believe and how good they are at coming up with interesting stories.

There comes a time when everyone comes to the truth, but looking back in past and seeing how dumb we used to be in our interpretations and believes is indeed a fun.

If you have more interesting myths that you were made to believe in your childhood then share them in the comment box.

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