How to get a video to go viral?

Sad, exciting or just plan Wow, viral videos tantalize our emotions in so many ways at some many different levels.

So, what is a viral video? The audience shares a viral video on a massive scale. There is no magic trick to create best viral contents. The top viral contents tough if not impossible to predict.

What makes a video go viral?

There can be different reasons why a video goes viral. Some are emotional. Others shock the audience. You may also find those cute cat videos going crazily viral. When you see crazy viral videos, you may find some common things between them.

Something out of the blue

The daily life routine becomes boring. Everything we do in our life on a regular basis becomes less exciting and more routine like. One thing which helps make best viral videos go to the next level is their uniqueness. Notice that most of the crazy viral videos which attain much attention online are unique. You need to make sure that you are offering something new in your viral broadcast.

How to make viral videos

Best HD and Quality of the Videos

Low-quality contents are difficult to understand for the audience. Shoddy record broadcasts lack quality, a sense of purpose, and ability to grab viewers’ attention. Do not expect your content to rate among top viral videos if it lacks quality. Spend time editing what you have created. Do the editing from an audience’s’ viewpoint. If your broadcast requires clarity, meaning and that wow factor, it is not likely to get hits.

Easy to share

The ability of the viewers to share your video with others is critical. Always share your video on popular forums and platforms. Choose a social media network where you have a massive fan following. You need to share your best viral videos on platforms with a large number of followers. If you have more fans on Facebook, share them there. Do not put them on the wrong media where you are not going to get any traffic or interest from the audience.

Short and informative

No one wants to spend extra time on videos, no matter how good he or she is. As audiences, we have a short attention span. We are exposed to too much information on a daily basis making it difficult for us to remember everything we come across. You should always make sure your videos are short and to the point. Best viral broadcasts do not make their audiences wait for longer without any activity.