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How Is Tesla Smartphone Going to Bring Revolution in the Tech World?

A discussion has been going on regarding the new Tesla smartphone, Pi. Apparently, the reports have been telling about the latest announcement by the tech Tycoon, Elon Musk that a smartphone is on its way to change the perspective about cellphones. Pi will become the face of technology with advancements and innovations since the reports say that the phone will work in cognition principle. The device will follow the mind and perform activities. Also, it won’t have any limitations in terms of network and communication across the world, including remote areas. The world is probably surprised by the idea of an extremely futuristic cellphone that will have some unusual specifications including the controlling of Tesla cars.

Tesla Smartphone will Tap into Brain Activities

Like every normal mobile, the Tesla smartphone will also have WiFi along with 5g internet connectivity. However, what makes it different from the usual smart devices is its connection with the neural link. The very technology links the phone with the brain that helps in transmitting the information between the phone and humans. Also, the neural connection tech is beneficial for the users as they can connect the phone with other tech devices and perform functions by just thinking about it, reportedly.

Connectivity Access Across the Globe

According to the rumored features of The Tesla Pi, the smartphone will never face any connection issues due to its connection with the Starlink satellite. The connection will allow the users to access the internet and other cellular services even if they are on some remote island or some deserted place.

The Starlink satellite connection with the Tesla smartphone offers something else too that seems to be out of the ordinary. It provides solar charging ability along with the color-changing feature. This means that the phone will adapt to the environment and assumingly change its skin color. Lastly, the phone will be a masterpiece for the Tesla car owners since the phone will also work as a special remote control to handle the car systems.  

Other Features of the Phone

The upcoming Tesla smartphone Pi, regardless of its unique abilities, carries some common features as well. The device is predicted to have multiple specifications that regular smartphone users wish to have in their cellphones. It will have a 4k display screen and high-definition cameras. The primary lens will be 108Mp resolution. Moreover, the phone will be equipped with Snapdragon 898 SoC chip and 2TB flash storage.

As per reports, the news about imminent tesla Pi has brought Musk into the highlight. Previously, Elon Musk selling Tesla Stocks was the biggest wonderment among the people. Now the upcoming phone has shifted the public’s interest. However, this is just an announcement since Musk hasn’t confirmed any final date for the arrival of his new device. Despite this, the assumptions point to the launch of Pi in near future i.e. the end of 2021.

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