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How Many London Restaurants Hold Burns Night Events

Party lovers must not let go any excuse to celebrate and have fun. Thanks to Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland who offers a chance to enjoy poetry, music food in heart warming gatherings that too in the start of new year. People of UK in general and Scotland in particular organize Burns Night events to commemorate their favorite poet who is said to be pioneer of romantic movement in poetry.

What Happens to on Burns Night Events

Before we tell you where in London you can enjoy Burns Night events, let’s have a look at what is this all about. Those who have little to no knowledge of Burns Night may perceive it to be something related to romantic candlelight dinners. While¬†this thought is equally cool Burns Night celebrations are way more classically amazing.

The event takes place on January 25th on the birthday of Robert Burns. It usually has the following essential ingredients.

  • Music with Bag Pipes
  • Recitation of Robert Burns Poetry
  • The Selkirk Grace
  • Scottish Main Course dishes with Haggis

Very often, not essentially, celebrations begin with the recitation of Selkirk Grace. Then follows the recitation of Burns’ poetry including his favorite poem like address to haggis. After this arrives haggis and other dishes in a convoy of bagpipes. Finally, the evening ends with some more conversation about the Robert Burns work and whiskey parties.

Burns Night Events in London

Going to restaurants and special venues for celebrating Burns Night is not a pre-requisite. One can pay tribute to Robert Burns in special gatherings. But, we understand that it is more about fun and enjoying a special ambiance.

So here are few of the restaurants that can be your place to celebrate Burns Night Events.

Holborn Dining Room, Holborn

A perfect surrounding with cozy feeling simply adds to any winter celebration and this is the characteristic of Holborn Dining Room. The place has got an environment that goes well with what one can expect from Burn Nights Events. Briefly, an atmosphere of romanticism prevails at the venue. Further, it offers a three-course Scottish meal consisting of Cullen Skink Soap, Haggis, oatmeal bread along with neeps and tatties and of course, whiskey.

Portico Gallery

One of the Burns Night Events of 2019 is scheduled to take place at the grounds of Portico Gallery. The place is graced by some enthusiastic Robert Burns admirers who love to make this eve special by doing all those things characteristic of this night.

The above mentioned are only few places to name. In fact, there are plenty of restaurants in London that celebrate Burn Night Events while offering a conductive environment for dance, music, poetry recitation and some intellectual but romantic discussion on the subject.

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