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How Much Money Does Chelsea Football Club Owe to Abramovich?

Chelsea football club owes a great deal of money to the Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, who has decided to sell Chelsea due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Roman said that the decision he made was for the betterment of the club. Abramovich claimed the ownership in 2003 and made Chelsea one successful club across the globe. The blues have won multiple tournaments including five Premier Leagues, five FA (Football Association) Cups, two Champions Leagues, two Europa Leagues, three League Cups, one Super Cup, and one Club World Cup under its Russian owner. The world knows Roman for making the club reputed in the past twenty years due to the constant winning against other popular teams.

How Much is Chelsea Football Club Worth and Why?

Reportedly, the Chelsea Football club owes Roman Abramovich over £1 billion. According to the parent company of Blues, Fordstam, the club received the money as a loan. As per Fordstamp’s 2015 report, the load witnessed an increase of £57 in the club’s dept. reportedly, when Roman bought Chelsea, it was already under a dept of ₤700 Million. All the money was utilized to make Chelsea club a brand across the world that includes training, infrastructure, and medical bills. The reports say that Roman paid the money from his own pocket to clear Chelsea’s name out of the loan.

The Real Reason behind the Selling of Chelsea

Assumptions are projecting that Roman’s plan to sell the Chelsea Football Club is due to the heavy amount of money. However, Roman’s net worth of £5.85/$9.2 billion tells a different story. Earlier in an interview, Abramovic said that he did not buy Chelsea to earn profit but just for fun. Moreover, the Russian Billionaire recently explained why he was subtle about selling it. The billionaire was trying to save all his assets from the UK government. The reports say that he was being threatened that UK’s govt will freeze all of his assets in the United Kingdom and he would lose the club anyway in wake of ongoing sanctions against Russia. In other words, Roman’s decision to sell Chelsea is just a consequence of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Reportedly, Roman Abramovich is not just selling the club but also his property worth £200m in central London which makes Chelsea this biggest asset of all. The threat is real for Roman since the UK is going to sanction Russians on weekly basis. Thus, giving up the football club justifies his decision.

Interested Buyers of Chelsea

According to reports, Roman Abramovich invited bidders and potential buyers to proceed with the selling plan of Chelsea Football Club. He acquired help from the Raine Group to handle the matters of sale and find the potential people interested in owning the club. The group is looking for bidders who are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement contract and can present offers by March 15.

Swiss billionaire, Hansjorg Wyss is interested in claiming the ownership of Chelsea football club in partnership with LA Dodgers co-owner, Todd Boehly who was previously looking forward to buying the west London club. Another potential buyer is the owner of two overseas clubs, Swiss side Lausanne-Sport and French side Nice. The process is still ongoing and bidders are showing interest in buying the Chelsea club.

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