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How NADRA Lets you Know if your Husband has a Second Wife?

Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has launched a new system called Qaumi Tasdeeq-o-Tajdeed Campaign (QTTC). According to reports, it will be used to verify the exact number of family members. The department marketed as an awareness campaign with a message to keep families safe. There will be a new way of verification and renewal for National ID cards that can help people see if there are any strangers or non-relatives registered as their family members.

This system can be of great importance to assist women considering how they are betrayed by men often.

How Can Women Learn About Their Husband from NADRA?

This is bad news for men who keep secret marriages without their family’s knowledge. Folks immediately took to social media to raise awareness of their own about how women can utilize this system. Initially, there was confusion about this as NADRA was only able to provide family data to people whose contact numbers are already registered with them.

For example, a person can verify his own data by sending a 13-digit CNIC number to 8009 from the same contact number registered on that CNIC. For those who tried sending a different CNIC from a different number, it did not work. So, they believed that it would only work if they would send the text from their husband’s number. However, this is not the only way.

Women explain in detail that when a couple updates their CNIC after marriage and registers their marriage certificate, it links the wife’s data with the husband’s record. This way women can use their own phones in order to verify their husband’s marital status. Commentators are implying that every couple in Pakistan should practice this.

Operation Against Foreigners Living in Pakistan

Apart from finding unwanted spouses, some media reports stated that this move was especially for foreigners that are residing in Pakistan illegally. The department implied that they may have been using someone else’s family tree as a cover to establish their identities.

By texting 8009, users will receive a response from the authority with a list of details. It will also ask if the information was correct or not by replying with 1 and 2. In the case of wrong information or strangers showing up in the family tree, users can press 1 and get a personal call from the representative. If the information is true then users can press 2 to confirm it.

Citizens need to make sure their correct mobile number is registered with NADRA to make use of this service.

Other Changes to Registration Processes

It seems like that the registration department has started to make some changes to its widely criticized system. The government also announced to issue Alien Cards to illegal immigrants in Pakistan. Without the Alien Card, they will not be able to do critical things like opening a bank account, own contact number, get a driving license, or install any utility connection. They would also be required to inform the department before moving to one city from another.

A few days ago, NADRA also launched a COVID vaccination pass in order to verify the authenticity of vaccination certificates. This move came after the embarrassing news about the sale of fake vaccination certificates in Pakistan went viral.

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