Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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How New TikTok Feature of Long Video Will Affect TikTokers

A new Tiktok feature which is more like YouTube will allow the Tiktokers to upload 10-minute-long videos. Previously, the platform allowed users to post 3-minute-long videos while the 5 min duration was under testing process. The latest update announced by the platform raises certain questions regarding its competition with YouTube. Moreover, the bigger wonderment is how 10 min longer videos will affect users in terms of revenue. Also, what will be the impact of the feature on viewers who like shorter videos for entertainment.

New Tiktok Feature to Increase Revenue

Reportedly, the new Tiktok feature is announced for a very common reason that is revenue generation and growth. As far as the popularity of Tiktok is concerned, it has seen ups and downs quite frequently for the last 5 years. However, it requires longer videos to attract more viewers who will watch longer videos. The prime aim behind introducing the feature is to sell more ads on the platform which is only possible when the viewers stay on a video for a longer duration. Almost every online site or application works on the same principle. However, Tiktok will have to keep up with the watch time process to make the views count. It is similar to how YouTube works and gets views to earn money.

Monetization and Effect of Feature on Users

The new TikTok feature is going to make videos longer but it will not have any effect on the monetization process, reportedly. Thus, it might not have any positive effect on the content creators who are currently making 15 sec or 3 min videos. They will be paid the same way as the platform has been paying them for years.

Also, the reports say that Tiktok vs YouTube is one of the reasons why the platform is allowing users to make 10 minutes Tiktok videos. Tiktok trying to balance the equation of popularity and revenue to compete with YouTube. But again, these platforms work differently in terms of monetization and YouTube has videos longer than just 10 minutes. 

What do the Critics Say?

Knowing that the popular video-making and lip-syncing application has confirmed a new Tiktok feature to entertain viewers with long durational videos, many people seem disappointed. Some social media users said that Tiktok is a platform designed specifically to make and upload short videos of 15-20 seconds. But updating it to create and upload longer Tiktok videos is not a smart choice. For many, several Tiktokers post cringe on the app which is why short videos are good enough to bear the torture. Some said they can’t watch long videos on Tiktok as they will keep scrolling if they found any 10 minutes long video.

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