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How to Check Instagram DM On PC With Easy Method

Smartphones and tablets have taken over the PC world. But, they still fail to offer a level of convenience that a combination of desktop and keyboard has to offer. PC users face the real issue when they can’t access their favorite mobile apps on Desktop. So, they have to look for how to check Instagram DM on PC to converse through their favorite photo sharing app.

On an honest note, it is evident that one can’t send the Instagram direct message on laptop by merely accessing its website. While using a browser, users can only view the newsfeed.

So, is there any way to utilize Instagram messenger for PC? And, the answer is yes.

How to Check Instagram DM on PC

Nowadays there are many paid apps that just like best virtual machines, convert the PC into virtual android and make it possible for users to benefit from all the Instagram features. At the same times, many free alternates do exist.

How to Check Instagram DM on PC

Let’s have a look at how to check Instagram DM on PC without paying any bucks and with convenience. Or if there any easy to use apps, like scores of best free apps for Android.

Download Instagram App on Windows 10

Here is good news for Windows 10 users as they can use the Instagram app on their desktop as they do on their smartphones. All they have to do is to follow the process below.

  1. Download your Instagram app for Windows 10.
  2. Install the app on your PC.
  3. And start using the Instagram messenger for PC. Now you are ready to send direct messages via Instagram. You can also share the photographs and videos as well.

Sending of direct messages through a desktop Instagram app is possible only for the users who have Windows 10 on their PC. Otherwise, users have to update to Windows 10 for utilizing.

Those who have wanted to know how to check Instagram DM on PC in case of MacOS or previous versions of windows should look for the following procedure.

Download Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the popular software that acts as an Android device on PC, thus making it possible for users to utilize the apps which are exclusive to smartphones. The process of using the software might be a bit complicated.

Here is how to use Bluestacks for using DM feature of Instagram

  1. First of all download Bluestacks on Your PC or Mac.
  2. Now install the app that will follow another process.
  3. After installation is finished software will configure itself with PC.
  4. Now, the welcome screen will appear. Click on the arrow appearing on the right side of this screen.
  5. Enter your Google id and password.
  6. After this set up a display looking somewhat like play store will show up: It will have icons for different apps and games.
  7. Look for the search icon.
  8. Now type the Instagram.
  9. After the Instagram app appears, click on the image.
  10. From here you will be directed towards the play store.
  11. Here you have to click on the install.
  12. After the installation is complete, you will have to enter the credentials and log in.

After downloading it from the virtual android that Bluestacks has offered, you are all set to use Instagram as you use it on your smartphones.

Mac users can also download Instagram direct message app for Mac. But, they have to pay money for this. In all this situation Windows 10 users are better off, as they can enjoy the app for free after downloading it from play store.

An alternative to Sending Direct Messages through Instagram

It is a fact that for utilizing the full-fledged features of Instagram one has to use it on a smartphone-like device that has a rear camera. But, this photo-sharing app is not like Facebook or Twitter, social media websites that took birth in Desktop origins. Hence, one has to rely on third-party apps that are often complex to understand or prove to be costly.

Apart from Bluestacks and free app for Windows 10, other answers of How to Check Instagram DM on PC might be either complicated or costly. But on a lighter note, sending direct messages through Instagram is not entirely impossible.

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