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How to Clean PS4 Fan and Stop It from Making Loud Noises

When the red light flashes and PS4 asks for a shut down then it means the poor guy wasn’t serviced when it was due. Later it begins to shout and make loud noises which increasingly becomes annoying for the player. If it’s no longer under warranty, then service might cost a few bucks which can be saved with DIY. Few simple steps can be followed to open and clean the PS4 fan so it does not make annoying noises.

Things Required to Clean PS4 Fan and Fix Loud Noises

Several issues related to Sony’s hardware – including the irritating lag at several occasions, can be fixed by changing network settings or by simply improving latency in PS4. Playing games excessively can cause  many unexpected issues in PS4. Players might need to clean PS4 fan frequently so it is good to stock up on a few items at home.

T8 Screwdriver:

It is a special screwdriver used to unscrew the outside cover of a PS4 console. There are three screws at the bottom that need to come off.

Compressed Air Duster:

It is basically a canned air that works more effectively and gently than a blower. It is a bad idea to clean PS4 fan this way.

Dustproof and Waterproof Covers:

It is possible for PS4 to make noise because dust may find its way inside the console. Most electronic items are fatally allergic to dust and water so a protective cover can be useful.

Non-Slip Furniture Pads

It’s not a sofa but still these non-slip pads can greatly improve the airflow of the PS4 fan. They allow dust to build-up at a slower rate so that players have to clean PS4 fan less frequently. 

A little kick in procuring these items is that most of the times they have to be ordered online and hence they can take a few days to reach at home.

Disassembling PS4

Disassembling a console will void its warranty if there is any left. Normally it runs out of the PS4 is one year old. Then there is no choice but for the player to start taking it apart himself. For disassembling process one has to take out the three screws with a T8 screwdriver at the back of the console, under the warranty sticker.

Once each of the screws is taken out, then only remove the bottom half of the console gently. To clean PS4 fan this step requires utmost care as removing any other part of the casing can damage the console. The part that needs to be removed will contain vents.

Clean the Vents

There is a high chance of dust being stacked up around the vents. Clean the vents with a dry cloth until all the dust is gone.

Clean the Fan

To clean PS4 fan, take a look inside the mechanics from where the vent cover was unscrewed. It is important to carefully study the location of the fan and other components to avoid causing any damage. It is also possible that excessive dust collected on the surface of fan can make it invisible. This is the main reason for PS4 to make loud noises.

The compressed air duster would come in handy over here. Gently use the spray to clean off the dust surrounding the fan. However, most air spray cans tend to expel liquid that can damage the console if dropped on any mechanism. It is suggested to hold the can upright while cleaning the dust.

The most crucial part is to make sure that air does not blow into the PS4 Disc Drive. There is no DIY for that, if the optical lens is gone then only replacement of the disc drive will solve problem..

Keep PS4 Safe from Dust

Using the non-slip furniture pads can greatly reduce the time when PS4 starts to make loud noises. Moreover, the dust is a common part of the house which is going to stay no matter what. Therefore, using a vacuum cleaner in a room with electronics is an easy way to prolong the life of electronics.

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