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Best Way of How to Donate Robux With or Without BC

Roblox is a growing platform for gamers who are enthusiastic to bring out their creations in a virtual place that allows users to experience an ultimate fun. Just like other online gaming websites Roblox also allows buying and selling of games and items through a customized currency Robux, which possesses some real dollars worth. Roblox is a community of over 70 million monthly active users who need to know how to donate Robux for continuing their interactions and enjoying the favorite games by buying and selling game passes.

How to Donate Robux

Well, the answer of how to donate Robux is a bit complex than that of how much money have I spent on League. In the second case, one logs on to the website of Riot Games and goes through his/her account to and gets to know about resources spent on the game. But, transferring Robux from on account to another is not that easy unless some transactions do not back the process.

Few Possible Solutions of How to Donate Robux

Let’s make it more simple, before moving ahead. Another version of how to donate Robux can be how to transfer Robux from one Roblox account to another one. Here, the process can be different for BC (Builder Club) members or non-builder club members.

Let’s look at the following methods.

Donating to Members with BC

The answer of how to donate Robux with BC is not that much satisfying, because unluckily there is no direct way of doing so as it involves a transaction. If you want to donate money to members with BC, then ask them to sell a T-shirt or any other stuff, and then buy it. In this way, they will get the Robux in the form of 70% profit from the sale of shirt or any other stuff being sold or purchased.

Donating to Members with No BC

Donating to members with no BC is also possible, but again this is a bit complicated process. Here, one needs to involve a third person who has BC and a group and then ask him/her to add the person to whom funds are donated, who is a without-BC user. Now, create a purchase buy some T-shirt or other such stuff and add the funds to the group. In the last step ask the group admin to pay that amount to the person whom you want to make a payment or donation. While this process is a bit lengthy and needs to take help from other users, it is outcome oriented and does help in offering donations to the fellow members.

Creating a Gaming Pass

Purchasing T-shirts is not the only answer of how to donate robux. Another way is to develop and then sell the gaming pass. But, again the process is not free from hassle. It also requires building some game or then selling or purchasing the game pass. According to expert donating robux through this way can be a bit expensive, as Roblox may keep a majority of purchase to itself.


To be on the safe side, one should choose the selling or buying of stuff to donate Robux. Particularly, newbies who don’t have much Robux in their account. Or non-BC member can take help from the third person, otherwise, there is no easy way of donating robux.


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