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How to Improve Reflexes for Fighting?

The answer of how to improve reflexes for fighting lies in two words; which are stimulus and reaction. In sports, like martial arts and boxing, a fighter needs skill, stamina and ability to respond briskly. It is a common perception, which is right up to some extent, that cameraperson who cover the martial art sports find it hard to keep pace with boxer’s moves. Fighters who change their positions in a fraction of seconds to defend and dodge the opponent’s move have to respond briskly.

One can generalize that fighting is more about ensuring a well-coordinated movement between mind and body. The tasks seem to be difficult, but it is not impossible.

Those who are keen on how to improve reflexes for fighting must consider following points.

Understanding the Importance of Reaction Time

Before knowing how to improve reflexes for fighting, one must know how the human body responds to a stimulus. The reflex action of a human brain involuntarily responds to specific stimuli. It is evident that few people can have an enhanced ability for reacting to a situation due to their genetic makeup. In this way, few people can be a bit slow naturally. Lack of genes that code for fast response, doesn’t mean it is impossible to develop reflexes for fighting. There are many exercises for improving the reaction time that can make a person a brisk faster.

Exercises on How to Improve Reflexes for Fighting

One word answer of how to improve reflexes for fighting, is practice. For this purpose, there are many exercises like slow sparring, playing with reaction ball, doing drills and much more.

Here are the few useful exercises that help to improve fighting reflexes.

How to Improve Reflexes

Reaction Ball

A six-cornered soft reaction ball is the best way for learning to respond in martial arts. A fighter just throws the ball on the ground, or on some wall and punches it back. The shot that every time comes from a different direction beautifully engages the vision and mental abilities of the practitioner.

Doing Exercises with Colored Balls

Colored ball exercise is the most difficult one to practice by the martial art enthusiasts. But they are the best possible solution of how to improve reflexes for fighting. Throwing balls of different colors on the ball and responding to them is an excellent way to train the mind for reaction. A fight is all about defending a punch or a move and attacking with a punch or a movement. Timely progress to defend, attack and, to dodge the opponent is significant. One must train the muscles for moving briskly to stop an attack coming from all the possible directions and angles.

Training with Slow Sparring

When professional boxers look for how to improve reflexes in the fighting, they do slow sparring. In this way, they are not only able to master a stroke efficiently, but they can also become expert. It is better to practice slow sparring on a mat that too with a partner, rather than choosing a punching bag. A good idea can be to make a video of all the practice sessions so that one can improve the moves by continually reviewing the performance.

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