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How to make a fishing rod?

There are many ways to make a fishing rod. Make your fishing equipment so do not have to buy an expensive rod from the fishing tackle shop. Unlike the Minecraft fishing rod, you need real things to make one.

Let us discuss how you can make a fishing rod using a bamboo stick.

Step 1:

Take a bamboo around 8 to 10 feet long. Smooth out its nubs or edges for making it easy for you to hold it. You can use a small sized sharp knife for the same purpose.

Step 2:

Leave the bamboo stick to dry. Once it is dried out, tie a piece of string on the narrower side of the bamboo. Now, tie the bamboo to something to hang it on the ceiling of a room. It will further help dry the stick and make it as straight as possible.

Step 3:

Take the fishing line and tie it to the bamboo stick at three different places. Make sure to leave around 6 inches of space below to grip the fishing line. Your fishing line should have 25 to 30 feet of length extending out of the bamboo stick.

Step 4:

Now, you need to attach the hook, sinker, and bobber. You need to attach the hook at the end of the fishing line. Make sure to add split-shot sinker and bobber. Your homemade fishing line is ready to use.

Different Types of Fishing Reels

There are different types of fishing reels. They are two main categories, fly reels, and spinning reels. You need to use flying reels when you are catching flying fish. You need to have a lot of practice to become successful at fly fishing. On the contrary, you can use spinning reels for the regular fishing under the water.

How to Repair Fishing Reel?

How to Make A Fishing RodFirst, you need to identify the problem with your fishing reel. The smooth running of the reel helps quickly drag up the catch using the fishing rod. Some of the ways of repairing fishing reel include the following.

  • Replace a broken spool catch spring if your fly fishing reel is not working. It will help in fishing reel repair.
  • You may also need to replace the open-face spinning reel if it breaks down.
  • For a baitcasting fishing reel, you will have to replace springs and drag washers.

These are some of the ways to repair fishing reel. First, understand the problem and then determine its cause. You can visit a fishing tackle shop online to find the spares for the repair.

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