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How to Play Wordle on Twitter?

Wordle is a viral game that has become the latest obsession of Twitter users. Many have shared their daily results and influenced others to play and beat their scores. It is a free online game that asks the user to guess a five-letter word every day within six attempts. The players who think the word in the lowest attempts get the bragging rights. It sounds easy at first until one realizes that there are not enough hints to go by.

The game presents the players with a blank 5×6 grid in which they have to guess the appropriate letters to reveal the hidden word. There are three outcomes for entering each guess in a square. If the secret word contains the letter entered by the user and is at the correct position in the grid, the square would turn green. If the word has the letter, but it is at a different position, the square would turn yellow, indicating the user to try changing the square for that particular letter. And, if the letter is not in the word, the square will turn grey.

The game resets after 24 hours and asks the users to guess a new word.

Wordle Strategies to Use

Understandably, guessing a random word looks painstakingly hard from afar. However, those familiar with word puzzle games have made it easy for themselves by exploiting the loopholes of the English language. Players have been applying the same strategies in Wordle too. One approach is to start the first attempt with a word that contains the most common vowels and consonants. When Samuel Morse created the morse code for the alphabets, he wanted to know which letters were used the most in English words. According to archives, he found out that E, T, A, I, N, O, and S were used way more than any other letter.

Therefore, it can be helpful to start the puzzle with such words that contain these vowels and consonants. Examples of these words are ‘Raise’, ‘Alone’, or ‘Notes’. The hidden word would likely have most letters from these words rather than complex ones like ‘Quick’ or ‘Mango’. Wordle players mostly start their daily puzzle by guessing words that contain at least 3 vowels and 2 consonants.

Players must remember that the hidden word can also have two similar letters like ‘Dress’ or ‘Marry’.

Who is the Wordle Maker?

Josh Wardle created the viral game, and its name appears to be a wordplay on his surname. Initially, it was not meant for mass consumption as he made it only for his friend Palak Shah who loved to play word games. However, he officially released it as a free online game in October 2021.

The Wordle maker has previously worked with the popular social news aggregation website, Reddit. There, he created two notable projects called Place (r/place) and The Button (r/thebutton). He also worked with the popular photo-sharing website Pinterest for nearly 2 years.

How it is So Viral?

Wordle became an overnight success, with thousands of people obsessing over Twitter. It became globally famous when Wardle added the “share” feature to allow users to share their spoiler-free results with their friends. He also fixed a long-standing bug that gave the incorrect puzzle to some people in certain time zones like Australia and New Zealand.

Most of its popularity is due to the social aspect that its results can be shared, and players can compete with each other. Besides that, its minimal design also proved to be comfortable for all types of players. The design also allowed some users to create different memes, further boosting its popularity.

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