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How to Stay Happy in 2019 Without A New Year Resolution ?

Many of you must have realized on very first day of 2019 that you can’t stick to new year resolution. May be, you pledged yourself to wake up at 6 am and be at gym but couldn’t find enough stamina to leave your warm blanket. And this made you realize how it was impossible for you to fulfill your new year’s resolution. Well, this doesn’t mean that an inability to get up early in the morning can be an obstacle in your way to stay happy.

In fact, you really need to make some resolutions in the beginning of a new year to happily spend next 12 months of your life.

Focus on Small Things Rather Than Resolutions to Stay Happy

No doubt that new year resolutions are important for us. Even if fulfilled they don’t promise ultimate happiness. Those who enter a new year with a sole aim to achieve happiness don’t necessarily need to rely on resolutions. Instead, all they need is to look for things that can lead to real satisfaction.

Now, the question is what could be those things. Let’s have a look at following.

Spend Time with Your Family

It is a harsh reality that we spend more time with smartphones and laptops than our family members and we really don’t know what they are going through. Spending time with family not only creates some good memories but also instills a sense of belonging. It gives you feeling that there are people in this world you can relate to and who are yours.

Do Indulge in Some Social Work

Again keep in mind that your social work involvement must not be aimed at doing something to keep your social media friends updated with what is new in your life. It must roam around what brings personal satisfaction to you. For this purpose, you can volunteer for an NGO, get in touch with people whom you think need your assistance or just extend a helping hand to your subordinates.

Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

If you really want to stay happy in 2019 and for the rest of the years to come then stop comparing yourself to others. Keep in mind that you don’t need someone else’s life as a standard for your success. Just concentrate on yourself and compare yourself with what were you in past, where do you stand in present and where you want to see yourself in future and that should be enough.

Learn Something New

It can be anything; a new language, some technical thing, drawing, sketching, painting or anything beyond science. In this new year just try to explore an aspect of the life that was hidden from you before; it might not be really to stay happy but it can lead you to a new world and thus impact your perspective towards life.

Don’t Burden Yourself with Some High Expectations

Don’t expect too much from yourself; this can cause stress and even lead to depression making you achieve nothing. So, make sure you choose to slowly move towards your destination by setting a road map rather than making huge leaps with no clue of where to go.

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