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Huawei and Telenor Team Up To Test 5G Internet Connection

Huawei and Telenor Group teamed up to test the 5G internet connection based on E-band multi-user MIMO2 demo. The test was conducted in Norway, reaching a maximum speed of up to 70 Gbps. This team effort will be followed up by a Joint Desktop Study to offer learnings and insights to desired updates necessary for going from 4th Generation to 5th Generation internet connection.

The E-Band multiuser MIMO will provide speeds of up to 20 Gbps for each user. The company is conducting tests on a supplementary low frequency to enhance the user experience.

Norway First Market to Test 5G Internet Connection

norway tested 5GNorway’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Ketil Solvik-Olsen attended the event. He initiated the launch of the demo. Here is what the Minister had to say about the 5G internet connection and its testing.

“This is a big day for Telenor because finally, we can demonstrate the potential of 5G, and Norway will always be the first market for us to test new technology.”

Here is what Telenor had to say about the development.

“Telenor, being one of the world’s leading telecom operators, has a very clear technical strategy and superior execution capabilities. Telenor also follows 5G technology developments closely, and in the international 5G standardization bodies Telenor and Huawei work closely together.”

Salient Features of the 5G Internet Connection

Here are some of the notable features which distinguish the 5G internet connection from its predecessors.

  • The 5G internet connection will provide large broadcasting of data in Gigabits.
  • The new fifth generation internet connection will help improve the reliability of the service.
  • Remote diagnostics and management will enable the users to get faster solutions of their problems.
  • The users will get high upload and download speeds to the end users.

Whitepaper of Huawei on 5G Internet Connection

Whitepaper of Huawei on 5G Internet ConnectionHuawei published a white paper on 5G internet connection in which it anticipated the following challenges or requirements before the fifth generation connectivity could take off.

  • The need for capabilities to support massive capacity and connectivity. Imagine internet of things for instance where so many devices will be communicating with each other at the speed of light.
  • Support for an increasingly diverse type of services, users and applications with varying requirements and expectations from the internet.
  • To have flexibility and efficiency in the use of non-contagious spectrum for different network deployment needs.

Some of the apparent benefits of 5G internet connection include the following.

  • Low latency rates mean no lag when communicating from one corner of the world to the other.
  • Video streaming will become a lot smoother and trouble free with a faster internet connection.
  • The increasingly faster smartphones like iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 require faster internet connections. A faster internet connection like 5G will enable users to quickly stream data even on their handheld devices.

As mentioned above, IoT applications will run more efficiently on an internet connection with such reduced latency rates.

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