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Was Humaima Malick Really Harassed at Nishat Hotel in Lahore?

Pakistani model and actress Humaima Malick has shared her harassment encounter at Nishat Hotel Lahore on social media. The actress also criticized hotel management for being indifferent to her complaint.

Humaima Malick Harassment at Nishat Hotel

In her Instagram post, Humaima talked about how a man in his adjacent room at Nishat Hotel slip passed his business card through the door and contacted her on the phone. She also mentioned how it was common for women from the entertainment industry to suffer such problems.

She said, “I can’t even keep count of the number of times business cards of men that I do not know have been slipped under the doors of my rooms at various well known and supposedly safe hotels.”


Evidence of Harassment

Humaima Malick also shared the evidence of her harassment in the form of screenshots. A look at the messages from the sender to Humaima reveals that apparently, there is nothing much in texts that one can prove that actress face harassment. But, Humaima’s point about receiving not-called for business cards and people leaking out the celebrities’ phone numbers without their permission indeed has some weight. There is no doubt that harassment is one of the things that Pakistani working women experience at workplace.


Posting Her Pictures Without Her Consent

Humaima also talked about Nishat hotel posting her pictures without her permission for publicity. For many people giving Humaima’s number to someone without her consent and making someone contact her via phone who only talks about business might not be harassment. But making a person’s contact number public or sharing with anyone without his/her consent just because he/she is a celebrity from the entertainment industry is indeed not a socially acceptable gesture. Further, making any person subject to a treatment against his/her choices is indeed harassment. No one should be allowed to share a person’s phone number only because he/she is an actor or a model or someone from the entertainment industry.

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