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Effects of Hurricane Florida 2017

The Hurricane Florida 2017 has resulted in the loss of 22 lives so far. This Caribbean hurricane season spilled over into the United States. The category four tropical storms 2017 also led to landfall. It will take time to get a real estimate of the damage done by the violent Atlantic hurricane.

Loss of Life at Florida Nursing Home

Eight people died in the aftermath of the Hurricane Florida 2017. The patients lost their lives in the Florida nursing home due to a shortage of power. Among the eight victims, five were women, and three were men. The patients losing their lives were of ages between 71 and 99.

These deaths have drawn sharp criticism from a state with hundreds of thousands of people still left with no power. A lot of the Floridians have moved with their friends or to hotels to overcome the heat. The temperature rising above 90 degrees Fahrenheit has made it difficult to live without air conditioning.

Reasons Behind Hurricane Florida 2017 Deaths

There are many reasons given for the deaths of the Hurricane Florida 2017 victims. Two of the primary reasons include inhalation of toxic fumes from generators and fatal chain-saw incidents. However, the public uproar against the Florida nursing home deaths has prompted a criminal investigation into the matter. The Governor of Florida stated that he would be aggressively pursuing the case to seek reasons behind this tragic incident. Some say the incident was caused due to power outage shutting down the air conditioning.

Effects of Hurricane Florida 2017Losses from Hurricane Florida 2017

The insured losses, according to estimates, may reach up to $18 billion. These losses are lesser from the original estimates which suggested the losses to be around $25 billion. The initial estimate took into account damages caused to insured structures, buildings, vehicles and other disruptions to the business. However, they did not take into account damage to the crop. Furthermore, many of the major cost elements go unaccounted for like damage to infrastructure, cleanup efforts, and beach erosion.

Reason for Reduced Losses of Hurricane Florida 2017

The initial estimates of tropical storm 2017 were lowered due to a weakened hurricane center intensity. Irma was initially powerful but weakened over time. Unlike many other hurricanes, it was much drier, not resulting in any flash flood losses. The worst impacted areas were hit by winds blowing at speeds of 130 miles per hour. These winds damaged light structures, sign boards, windows, roofs, and mobile homes.

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