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Hurricane Harvey Turns Violent with High Winds

Hurricane Harvey is on a rampage by becoming a category three storm. The storm has brought winds reaching up to speeds of 130 miles per hour. Hurricane Harvey is the first storm to make landfall in the US since 2004. The Texas Coast is severely hit by the storm, putting lives of millions of residents in danger. The wind is powerful, knocking down everything in its ways like signs, power poles, and trees.

Hurricane Harvey is Life Threatening

Hurricane Harvey is one of the most violent storms seen in the last 12 years. The destructive winds and life-threatening flooding are making the areas near the coast uninhabitable. It took 56 hours for a tropical depression to turn into such a monstrous hurricane.

It has pushed the water from 2 to 7 feet above the average levels tide on the Texas Coast. The level of waves is rising with the increasing intensity of Hurricane Harvey.

Need for a Massive Relief Effort

The Governor of Texas stated that Hurricane Harvey is a major disaster for the state. More than 1000 National Guardsmen are taking part in the relief efforts.

The best way to help the affected people is by donating money to charitable agencies. Two main organizations participating in the relief efforts include Salvation Army and American Red Cross. These two organizations will be providing bedding, clothes, toiletries, water, food, and other necessary items. They will also send trained volunteers after passing of the storm to offer assistance with the rebuilding efforts.

Hurricane Harvey Turns Violent with High WindsBlood Donations for Hurricane Harvey

The blood donation centers are already appealing people to donate blood. The authorities anticipate the closing of blood donation centers alongside the coast. Blood centers expect the storm will result in injuring many people, resulting in increased demand for blood donations.

Predictions About Hurricane Harvey

The storm packs very vigorous and dangerous winds with an embedded threat of rain. The meteorologists predict that the storm will remain active till the mid of the next week. Houston may face up to 20 inches of heavy rain in the coming days.

Furthermore, the hurricane will bring a surge in the storm along the center of the Texas coast. Therefore, it may result in catastrophic floods, spreading to some of the inland areas of Texas.

The hurricane will also impact oil production in the US. The coast of Texas sees over 45% of the entire US oil refining taking place here. The production of crude oil has already slowed down by 20%. The storm has resulted in long queues of cars leaving the central Texas.

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