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Hurricane Irma – US Authorities Evacuate Millions of Floridians

Millions of Floridians have been told to leave to avoid the oncoming Hurricane Irma. The intensity of Hurricane Irma has weakened a bit after hitting the Northern Coast of Cuba. The storm has already claimed 21 lives in the Eastern Caribbean.

Hurricane Irma Downgraded to Category 4 Storm

Hurricane Irma has slowed down with wind speeds reaching 155 miles per hour. The storm, which was earlier categorized to Category 4 is downgraded to Category 5. Category 5 is assigned to the most powerful hurricanes.

More Devastation Expected by Hurricane Irma

Meteorologists suggest that Hurricane Irma is the strongest storm that the US has seen in a century. It is expected to hit Florida by Sunday. The weather experts believe that its ferocity can cause significant damage because of its high-velocity winds and flooding. Florida, the fourth largest US state by population, is in the storm’s way.

The Caribbean islands and Cuba’s North Central Coast have already seen great devastation. Furthermore, the meteorologists have warned that the storm would bring further destruction due to its high wind speeds.

A Crisis Situation in Florida in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

The officials in Florida are ordering the evacuation of an unprecedented level. Around 5.6 million people or around 25 percent of the entire State’s population has been asked to evacuate Florida.

The United States has experienced three major Category 5 hurricanes since 1851. It is considered as one of the most powerful hurricanes in the history of the country.

Hurricane Irma comes right after Hurricane Harvey, which has claimed 60 lives and caused massive property damage. Furthermore, the losses from Harvey estimate to go around $180 billion in the state of Louisiana and Texas.

Hurricane Irma - Florida Evacuates Millions of ResidentsThere is already a shortage of gas in around one-third of the gas stations in metropolitan areas of Florida. There are also scattered gas outages in other parts of the State as well as North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

North and South Carolina Governors have warned the residents of their States to stay alert. The two States are expecting severe weather conditions including flash flooding and heavy rain.

Hurricane Irma has already followed the path of Caribbean islands impacting the British and the US Virgin Islands, St. Martin, and Barbuda. Furthermore, the rampage has resulted in flattening hospitals and completely obliterating homes. Although one Hurricane has passed, the residents of these islands face yet another imminent danger of Hurricane Jane. Therefore, this hurricane is expected to reach the island by Saturday.

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