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Dear Hurricane Michael You Are Not Welcomed On This Earth!

In all the storms a hurricane was also observed by the residents of California, Hurricane Michael is one of the most deadly storms of the world. This hurricane came as a part of the series of storms and fatal winds occupying Georgia, Florida, California and many other regions nearby! This storm is causing massive damage to cities as it is traveling from one area to another.

Hurricane Michael And Destruction it’s Causing

This storm is very strong and the damage it’s causing is also exceptional.



Landfall Near Mexico

Hurricane Michael is causing massive trouble and destruction. Near Mexico beach, Florida this hurricane have brought landfall on Wednesday afternoon.

Category 4

This hurricane was noted to be the first string hurricane of category 4 to make this landfall on Florida Panhandle. It came to Southwestern Georgia this Wednesday as category three storm.


More And More Storms

This storm is giving rise to other storms as well. There will be more storms when Hurricane Michael moves inland. Not just near the coast but also inland there will be more than million power outages by this storm.

Flooding Through Rainfall

Before the Hurricane Michael, massive flooding was also observed in Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. More rainfall and then flooding will be viewed by this hurricane also.

Help For The Affected Residents

Donald Trump is all set to provide the help to those who got impacted by the hurricanes as soon as possible. His recent tweets showed his concern for these regions.


He was seen thanking those who are helping the affected people


While other people are still looking for ways to help these people.

Now the reported are praising trump for his courteous attitude towards the affected regions


Sign Of Climate Change

This horrible hurricane is the significant symbol of climate change which is not at all in favor of our earth. This climate change will ultimately cause more and more destruction if we did nothing to stop it!



After This Massive destruction, a lesson that has to be learned by the world is that this natural disaster doesn’t know the boundaries. So for stopping them, we need to keep the earth clean and our air without pollutants. This is the only way to survive and provide a better future for our next generations. Hurricane Micheal was invited by our ruthless attitude towards planet earth and nature!

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