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Husband Kills Wife for Adding Too Much Salt in His Rice

Murders, assault, abuse, and torture are synonyms of the same word ‘violence’ which has become quite common across the globe. For some, taking another human’s life is not that difficult. They find it rather easy to just put an end to one’s mortal burden. A husband kills wife over salty food in India is the perfect example of bizarreness. Nilesh Ghagh strangulated Nirmala since she couldn’t make perfect Khichri. The flashy news is all over the internet now just like all other cases of homicide circulating on social media.

Husband Kills Wife by Choking

A Maharashtrian 46 years old Husband kills wife for a stupid reason and stoops to the lowest rank of outlandishness. Rage can make a person do terrible things just like it made Nilesh Ghagh a killer of his own life partner. The police said that he was furious because of the imperfect breakfast served before him on Friday morning. For only that, he wrapped a long piece of cloth around her neck and choked her to death. The incident took place at Phatak Road locality in Bhayandar East. Police arrested Nilesh and sent the dead body to a local government hospital for forensic testing.

Legal Proceedings

The Marathi Husband kills wife over bad food isn’t just flashy news anymore. People are talking about the hideous crime on the internet and asking for justice and wiping out such crimes. As far as legal proceedings are concerned, the murderer is charged under section 302 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code). Nothing else has been disclosed by the police.

Similar Cases

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), India’s crime rate has increased to a great extent recently. 13% of the crime rate went up in 2021 and it’s still rising high in 2022. Husband kills wife, paedophiles rape kids, fathers burn their daughters in the name of “honour”, and the rave continues. All in all, this isn’t the first case that seems shocking. In 2020, the death of a gang-rape victim resulted in outrage among Indians. Other than that, a very similar case took place when a father-in-law shot his son’s wife because she didn’t serve morning tea with breakfast. People are once again furious over the killings, assaults, and rapes and are demanding the govt to take action against the increased threats.  

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