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Police Kills Suspects of Hyderabad Rape Case and People Celebrate

The suspects involved in the Hyderabad rape case have been killed by the police during the early morning hours of Friday.

People are celebrating the police’s actions all over India.

Hyderabad Rape Case File Closed

Over the past few year India has been suffering from what can only be described as a rape epidemic. Thousands of girls after the Hyderabad rape case feel threatened and unsafe, they have confined themselves to the safety of their home.

The Hyderabad police during the early morning hours on Friday took the suspects of the rape case to the scene of the crime where they were trying to recreate the series of events that led to her death. According to the police at some point during this recreation process the suspects tried to run and ended up getting shot.

People from all over India are celebrating the police’s actions and are voicing their supports as they feel this is the best method to provide the victims justice.

Normally when a rape case enters the scrutiny of the Indian judiciary system the suspects or accused get buried while the victim become an outcast and looked down upon by the society.

Kill All Rapists

There is a mixed response to killing of suspects in Priyanka Reddy’s rapists. But mostly people are lauding police’s efforts to take such step and teach rapists a lesson.

One Twitter User Had This To Say

A senior figure of the amnesty international while talking to the media discouraged the people from celebrating such actions of the police as this may have a bad effect on the judiciary system as a whole. “Irrespective of how bad the situation is law and order must prevail and be prioritized to insure the rights of everyone”.

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