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5 Scenes To Create the Perfect I Promise I Won’t Cry Memes

Every now and then, certain social media trends become the best entertainment for the viewers in the form of memes and jokes. In the light of the memers’ interest in presenting the most amusing posts, the latest delight is “I promise I won’t cry memes” that are making quite an impression on many social media users. They have been sharing specific scenes from their favorite movies and tv shows that made them emotional at some point and brought tears to their eyes. All the social media posts are captioned with the mentioned phrase that figuratively means that all those scenes were extremely overwhelming for the audience. And the particular frames resulted in triggering the sentiments of the spectators. 

Also, several have expressed how a simple movie scene turns out to be ridiculously charming just because a talented actor or the entire cast brings life into it. For them, at times, it’s not about the emotions in the scenes but the acting of a cast member is what makes the whole situation worth dripping tears for. As per the depiction of sentiments in the memes, many parts from the tv shows and movies are a portrayal of the emotional attachment of a person with those series and films. They seem to find a resemblance between the situations in the films and their real life, which makes the connection even deeper. 

The Best I Promise I Won’t Cry Memes on the Internet

Social media platforms are currently accommodating hundreds of I Promise I Won’t cry memes. Although some are just funny, most of these images are quite sad if the gist of the scenes is to be acknowledged. From all the emotional posts, the top 10 should be the ones that truly influenced the people and melted their hearts. 

Sex Education 

The popular Netflix series, Sex Education gave people tears and eventually turned out to be perfect for the current meme trend. The specific scene that made people cry and inspired memers to rank it in the I promise I won’t cry memes is the one with the Aimee Gibbs bus harassment incident. The assault wasn’t the one that fueled the sentiments of the viewer but the feminine support and friendship made their eyes wet. The scene seemingly supports feminism along with female safety in society. The emotions of the audience awoke when the entire female cast started supporting their friend Aimee so that she could feel safe while riding the bus. 

Fast and Furious 

Out of all the saddening movie scenes, 2015 fast and furious 7 last frame was the most heartbreaking. Though it wasn’t about what was happening in those final few seconds. It was an end of an era since Paul Walker AKA Brian O’ Conner died in a car accident. The last moments in the film were a realization for the fans they will never be able to see Paul in any of the upcoming installments of the Fast series. The scene showed Vin diesel and Walker parting ways which literally meant that he has truly left the world. Also, the song “See You Again” in the end was extremely overwhelming as it was contradictory to the situation but it was conveying that all of the fans will meet their favorite actor in the afterlife. These aspects of the film are considerably perfect for the I promise I won’t cry memes. 


The widely popular American Tv show FRIENDS is another reason to keep the “I promise I won’t cry, it’s just a frame from a Tv show” trend continue. The last episode is what made people highly sentimental. Many claimed they cried their eyes out while watching it. It was too an end of an era as ten long years of good comedy was about to end. Fans made deeper connections with the cast of FRIENDS. In their opinion, they could relate to scenes with their own life. The final scene in which everyone put their keys on the table and left the apartment was a reality check for fans that they won’t be seeing another new episode of their favorite show.

13 Reasons Why 

When Hanna Baker died in the first season, the show went dark. Clay Jenson, the lead character started to feel her presence around him. He would talk to her as he loved her unconditionally. It was all normal until the most gruesome scene hit the fans hard in the head. It was when Clay expressed his love for Hanna and she in his subconscious said “Why didn’t you say this to me when I was alive?” the moment gave fans goosebumps as they also ended up with watery eyes. 

How I Met Your Mother

Sitcoms don’t usually make people cry as it will be against the nature of the shows. However, some iconic series like FRIENDS and how I met your mother are among the ones that are believed to be the complete package. This means that such shows can make you laugh and cry at the same time. The series was an epic display of humor but the scene where Marshal Father dies became the sheer moment of sadness for the fans. It was the cast’s acting that made them feel disappointed in life. The mindset behind the melancholy presented in the frame was to show how unpredictable life was. Thus, the part where everyone was standing with long faces became a perfect fit in the “I promise I won’t cry memes” 

It Made People Talk About Their Feelings

Many social media trends have proven useful in terms of making people talk about their emotions. Previously, the most hyped trend was “it’s better than drugs Jeremy” which urged the public to express their feeling towards the things they love the most. Now the “I promise I won’t cry memes” is another movement taking place on platforms to let users talk about their favorite scenes from different movies and tv series. Other than that, they are relating their lives with the characters from those seasons and movies, which is why certain frames are just too sad for them to handle. 

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