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How India Views the Release of IAF Pilot Abhinandan by Pakistan

The release of Indian pilot Abhinandan by Pakistan is making headlines on international media. In the time when Pulwama attack and India’s violation of Line of Control has escalated tensions between the two countries, the world is lauding Pakistan’s peace gesture. But, it seems that India is not happy with de-escalation attempt as its media and some warmongering citizens are still using the event to propagate hate.

Indians Reaction to Release of IAF Pilot by Pakistan

In the evening of March 1, 2019 Pakistan released IAF Pilot wing commander Abhinandan who was captured after his plane MiG 21 was shot down by PAF. This move by Pakistan made people to demand Noble Peace Prize for Prime Minister Imran Khan who avoided escalation of conflict for releasing IAF pilot without any condition.

The incident led Indian citizens to scrutinize how war mongering Indian media was busy in spreading hate by molding the facts.

As this picture is true depiction of how Indian media is adding fuel to issues which are here

The mature response of Imran Khan is commend worthy, and many people in India will remember the act of kindness.

Imran Khan as the Real Winner

Modi may win elections, but Imran Khan has won the hearts of people in India and the world.

Indians are appreciating Imran’s khan’s gesture and saying Pakistanis are lucky to have him as their Prime Minister.

Even famous Indian journalists like Barkha Dutt who also covered Kartarpur corridor ground breaking ceremony also praised Imran Khan for showing his statesmanship and showing peace gesture.

Few Indians instead of thanking Pakistan for safely releasing IAF pilot insisted on giving provocative statements merely aimed at showing the country’s military might and making a futile effort to show the world that their country has won.

It seems that Indian people are happy for Abhinandan’s return but they are not as happy as the move is spreading soft image of Pakistan, something which is not acceptable of Indian media’s war hysteria which is misleading the public.

Even celebrities are tweeting stuff that glorifies war in the guise of patriotism.

Whether the return of the Indian pilot as a gesture of peace will bridge the gap between Pakistan and India is still questionable as there are many unresolved issues like Kashmir diuspute which go back decades. International bodies have at times intervened in an attempt to resolve their issues with no positive yield.

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