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ICC Plans to Introduce New Cricket Rules

ICC plans to add new cricket rules. The rules were long due for revision.

Areas Covered by New Cricket Rules

The new cricket rules aim to cover the following areas.

  • A player demonstrates poor behavior during the match.
  • Limit to the bat sizes used by batsmen to give even playing field to the bowlers.
  • Send-off of the player back to the pavilion or punishments against each level of cricketing offense committed.

New Cricket Rules to Tackle Behavioral Problems

ICC wants to set clear rules for the players. The committee discussed four levels of offenses a player could commit.

Level 1

  • A bowler appeals the umpire too many times.
  • A bowler or team dissatisfied by the umpire’s decision and showing it in a negative manner.
  • Five penalty runs given to one team against other after the umpire’s warning.

Level 2

  • A fielder is throwing the ball at the batsman.
  • One player is making deliberate physical contact with the other one.
  • Punishment by awarding five penalty runs.

Level 3

  • A player is intimidating an umpire.
  • One player is threatening to assault another team, player or spectator.
  • These offenses can result in giving the opposing team five additional runs and removing the player who committed the offense.

Level 4

  • A grave offense if a player threatens the umpire.
  • An act of violence committed by a player while the game of cricket is in progress.
  • These level 4 offenses can result in severe punishment of removing the offending player for the entire match.

Icc make New Cricket RulesEven Playing Field Given to Bowlers

For long, a continuous debate within the cricket circles argues that batsman is favored more in the modern game. Among other things, ICC needs to fix the heaviness of the cricket bats.

Cricket Bat Depth

The new rules advocate a maximum allowable bat edge allowance of 40mm. This reduced allowance will allow bowlers to get the batsmen out. Currently, batsmen get away with thick edges due to wider bats.

Cricket Bat Width

The new cricket rules allow a batsman to carry a bat of maximum 67 mm depth. The additional 7mm provision is for the bend. The currently in use cricketing bats depth can range from 55mm to 80 mm.

Here is what the MCC had to say about the batting depth.

“The bat size issue has been heavily scrutinized and discussed in recent years. We believe the maximum dimensions we have set will help redress the balance between bat and ball, while still allowing the explosive, big hitting we all enjoy.”

Some Other Interesting Suggestions for Promoting Include the Following

  • The introduction of the T20 brand of cricket into the Olympics, and able to participate by 2024.
  • To promote test cricket and organize matches between top two ICC ranked test teams at any time, contested once every two years.
  • Take one or two most promising young talented crickets in future years from Pakistan, to recognize the extraordinary challenges faced by the country in organizing home matches. PSL 2 Final in Lahore proves the return of international cricket to Pakistan.
  • To change to Rule15, which allows the batsman at the non-striker end to run even before the bowler releases the ball. The new suggestion recommends declaring a batsman at non-striker’s end out if they run before the bowler has released the ball.
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