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ICJ Verdict on Kulbushan Jadhav Sparks a Social Media War

The international court of Justice (ICJ) verdict on Kulbushan Jadhav case has sparked a social media war between Pakistanis and Indians. Pakistan has accused Kulbhushan of spying for India and committing heinous crime against the humanity like facilitating terrorist attacks. Given the nature of crimes Jadhav committed and his confessions. Pakistan had given him the death sentence. India had later taken his case to ICJ.

Reactions to ICJ Verdict

According to ICJ verdict, Kulbhushan Jadhav has not been acquitted but he is given the counselor acces.

After hearing the ICJ remark, both Indians and Pakistanis have taken to the social media to celebrate their victory in their own unique way. According to a confession Jadhav gave to Pakistan the Indian spy was sent to Pakistan’s Baluchistan province to incite and recruit people with anti-Pakistani sentiments and to carry out various acts of terrorism that would cause economic destabilization of the country while promoting positive feeling for India.

Jadhav Will Not Be Released

The ICJ verdict is a win for Pakistan because contrary to Indian demands of release and safe passage back to India the international court ordered Pakistan to reconduct the trial as the Jadhav had not been given access to a counselor.

Well, Indians feel that verdict is in their favor and they are the real victors in this skirmish between India and Pakistan as they have managed to prevent the death of another brave Indian at the hands of their biggest enemy Pakistan.

A Debate on Who Is Real Winner

Pakistanis are trying to make, the Indians realize that it’s a loss for them and not vice versa, but Indians are not giving a dam.

The trolling has not remained limit to Jadhav case it has also encompassed India’s stance on shooting down a Pakistani F-16; a claim that was rebutted by the United States later.

The ICJ verdict has been welcomed by Indians who think that allowing counselor access to Kulbhushan Jadhav is a big win for their country.

So far it seems to be a win for both the countries.

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