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IKEA and Apple to Work on AR Shopping Tools

Apple and IKEA are teaming up to create better AR shopping tools. The new app will let IKEA enhance the shopping experience. The new AR shopping tools will let the customers imagine a piece of furniture in their homes before the actual purchase. The preview mode will enable the customers to make a better purchasing decision.

Improvement to AR Shopping Tools in First Version

IKEA and Apple to Work on AR Shopping ToolsIn the first version, IKEA’s AR shopping tools will let the customers take photographs of their homes’ interiors. After that, the customers will place the images of the IKEA products to the place of their choice. The new AR shopping tools will enable the customers to put the furniture with millimeter accuracy. The app will also let the customers scale an object according to the availability of space. Once the customers can select a product, the AR shopping tools will also let them order the item online. The app designer Valdsgaard believes that Apple’s technology will add to the customers’ shopping experience.

Here is a look at the two other AR shopping tools already available to customers.

AR App by Pottery Barn

The AR app by Potter Barn relies upon Google’s Tango with augmented reality to give a preview to the customers before purchasing furniture. However, this app has its limitation as only a few models use the Google’s Tango technology. Therefore, you need to have any of those phones that have Tango technology. The app may have limited availability to just a few locations.

The two latest phones showcased on the website include Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus ZenFone AR. The app will let you decide various aspects of your home’s interior. You can decide on lamps, rugs, adjusting furniture, pillows, and any colors you wish to change.

AR App by Lowe’s

The Lowe’s AR app also helps the users make important decisions relating to their home’s interior. They can decide if a particular piece of furniture will fit into their home or not. The home interior designers, as well as Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts, will find this application a lot more useful.

The customers can place their furniture in a preview mode to make the right choice. The AR version of the furniture takes out the imagination part out of the equation. The customers can also get relevant information relating to accessories and furniture. The users of the app get a shopping button and the pricing information of the furniture.

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