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Importance of Career Counseling for Students in Pakistan

Career counseling is something underestimated in many countries across the world. Pakistan is one such country where career counseling only becomes necessary once we have completed our higher secondary education.

Why is Career Counseling Not Given Due Importance?

The primary motive of the parents is to get their children good grades. They want to admit their kids to professional institutes from where they can get degrees to earn loads of money. Parents are only concerned about the status and what people might say about it. They live their entire lives competing for the rat race and want to do the same for their children.

Every parent you meet; they want their children to become an Engineer or a Doctor. They think that their child does not have many career options available.

At times, the students do not try to ascertain their interests and aptitude towards a particular occupation. They do not think about the fact that their career will choose the type of life they would lead in the future.

Here are some important reasons why students in Pakistan must get career counseling.

Understand the Perks and Disadvantages of Pursuing a Career

An important part of career counseling is to let the students know about the pros and cons of choosing a profession. Students tend to get over ambitious about a particular job because they have heard good things about it from their peers. However, they cannot see the challenges that come with each job.

A career counseling session helps them understand the various problems which come along with choosing of a profession. They can ascertain if they understand these potential challenges and can overcome them. A career counselor gives them practical advice on those aspects of a job they tend to overlook.  

Career Counselors Understand Market Trends

Importance of Career Counseling for StudentsMarket trends keep changing now and then. There was a time when getting an engineering or doctor degree made the future of a student secure. However, many new professions are offering alternate career options to the students. A decade or more ago, students did not think of computer software engineering as a lucrative occupation.

These days a lot of students tend to opt for computer science subjects in their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Career counseling helps students set realistic expectations about the profession of their choice. A career counselor also educates and informs them about other options that they have not been able to identify.

Career Counseling Helps You Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Your aptitude, skills set, and personality also play a significant role in choosing an occupation. As a student, we tend to get distracted by money, peer pressure or other factors in selecting a career. However, you may not be suitable for a particular profession.

A career counseling session helps you understand your traits. You can know your strengths and weaknesses to see which job will suit you best. It is important for you to choose a profession that you like. If you get into a profession just for the sake of earning more money, you may not like it. If you do not like your profession, you will not be able to become very successful at it.

A Well Set Target Lets You Better Focus Your Energies

When you can identify a career as per your strengths and weakness, you can do better career planning. Goals will become a lot clearer, letting you focus on the targets that you need to accomplish.

Once you know what career you want to pursue, ask your career counselor to help you with the steps you need to take. Your career counselor will help you prepare yourself for your career. Clarity of professional goals goes a long way in accomplishing the milestones you set for yourself.

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