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Imran Khan Asks COAS To Conduct Free and Fair Elections

Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, said that current ECP administration could not hold free and fair elections. He alleged that the ruling parties’ nominated people were sitting in the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Imran Khan was speaking at a news conference. He blamed then senior officers of Election Commission of Pakistan during the last elections for influencing the results of the recent elections.

He alleged that one of the members of ECP in Punjab Justice (r) Riaz Kiani altered the polls results for the ruling PML (N). He stated that Khurshid Shah had revealed that Justice (r) Riaz Kiani was appointed on the recommendation of PML (N).

Khan’s Demand for Free and Fair Elections

Imran Khan conveyed his request to the COAS asking for ensuring transparency in elections.

“I met General Bajwa recently and told him clearly that we will not allow 2013-like polls in future.”

He further said that he found the COAS pro-democracy and put forth his demand of overcoming traditional poll rigging tactics used by political parties in Pakistan.

“I told the army chief that democracy was not about holding elections but about conducting fair and transparent elections. I requested that Army personnel is deployed outside and inside polling stations to foil the traditional rigging tactics used by the PML-N.”

The PTI Chairman said that one of his party candidates Aleem Khan had contested elections against Speaker Ayaz Sadiq. He stated that over 22,000 votes cast in NA-122 remained verifiable.

Imran Khan Threatened to Take to Streets

Threaten to Take to StreetsPTI Chairman also threatened to come on streets if as per him ECP kept on stealing original mandate of the people. He expressed dismay over Riaz Kiani not coming to the office so ECP could dispose of the petition.

“Under the law, the ECP is bound to dispose of a petition within 60 days. ECP member from Punjab Riaz Kiani deliberately avoided showing up at the office pretending to be sick. And when the period of 60 days came to an end, he disposed of the petition without any decision.”

Khan seemed determined this time saying that he would keep on fighting back and not allow ECP to rig the election. He also said that over 300 people involved in severe irregularities got away and authorities took any action against them. Lastly, he mentioned vote cast by people in Balochistan already passed away.

Free and fair elections in Pakistan is the demand of every political party. But unfortunately, elections have become a controversial issue in the country. No election goes by without a political party claiming of rigging.

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