This is what Pakistani social media is saying after Imran Khan mistakenly termed Germany and Japan as neighbors.

While talking to the Iranian media the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in an attempt to explain the importance of mutual interest gave the example of the industrial development on the border region between Germany and France after WW2 but instead of saying France ended up saying Japan. Now he’s getting trolled.

Social Media on Imran Khan’s Germany and Japan Fiasco

I admit we all make mistakes at times, but when you’re in a position of power, you tend to get more noticed.

For many the mistake he made is not the main issue they are more concerned about the fact that Imran Khan the prime minister of Pakistan admitted that country’s land was being used to conduct terrorist attacks on neighboring countries. As a result of this, they are questioning whether he is fit to be ahead of state or not 

After hearing both Japan and Germany have requested that someone, please buy a map for Mr. Khan to show him the relative distance between the two countries and send the receipt to them. Obviously, it was troll.

While Trying To Defend Imran Khan ,Sheri Mazri, Herself Ended Up Getting Trolled

Some people are confused as hell that despite not doing drugs or any other form of substance abuse how could he make such a mistake on an international platform.

But Some Think Otherwise

People have started to question whether Oxford has dropped its educational standard or is this just an isolated incident

Even Reham Khan ex-wife who left him couldn’t stop herself from passing comment on the matter. Well, this nitpicking by Imran Khan’s political opponents is too much and they need to run for some substantial reasons to criticize him.

Some people think that Khan must be using some new kind navigator and he has no idea how to use it or operate it.


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