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Why Celebrities are Supporting Imran Khan against No Confidence Motion?

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing a no-confidence motion from the opposition. PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf) the ruling party also held a public power show in Islamabad to prove that it still enjoyed the support of the masses despite facing defection from its MNAs. Besides a huge crowd attending the PTI gathering at the Parade ground, many celebrities have also taken to social media to show solidarity with the Prime Minister. The opposition submitted the motion against Khan on 8th March 2022, and ever since, PTI supporters have been showing their support for the embattled premier. Well known names from the entertainment industry like Haroon Shahid and Ahmad Ali Butt, even physically joined the Islamabad rally named “Amar-bil-Maroof”, while many expressed their feelings for Khan through social media.

Shaan Supports Imran Khan Against No Confidence Motion

One of the biggest film stars in Pakistan, Shaan, extended his support publicly for Imran Khan. He used the massive Islamabad rally as an example to show that Pakistan still wants Imran Khan as PM after everything the country has been through. He claimed that Khan was the only leader that could bring about a brighter future. Shaan also fired shots at the opposition to do whatever they wanted with the parliament but leave Khan alone.

Humayun Saeed Prays that Khan Gets to Complete his Term

Another superstar in the country, Humayun Saeed, revealed that he had been a fan of Imran Khan since his cricket days. He claimed to admire Khan’s leadership then and even now when he was no confidence motion. He wished that Khan completes his tenure.

Mahira Khan Reacts with Emojis

The most beloved actress in the country, Mahira Khan, also tweeted in support of Khan. She just typed the premier’s name followed by emojis of the Pakistan flag and hands raised in prayer. It was to show that she was also praying that Khan overcame the no confidence motion.

Adnan Siddiqui Requests for the Sake of Pakistan

Adnan Siddiqui called out the opposition for playing “dirty politics” and ignoring the “burden new leader can put on state exchequer” at this moment. He also called IK a mass leader based on how many people loved him. He asked the opposers of Imran Khan to let him complete the tenure for the sake of the country.

Why This Sudden Support?

Many people after seeing celebrities supporting Imran Khan against no confidence motion out of the blue had so many questions. They cannot believe how can anyone support IK as a leader after 4 years of incompetence. Then they remembered what usually happens in India. No matter how brutally Narendra Modi faced criticism, some select Bollywood celebrities also came forward to support him. Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu once called out these celebrities for supporting Modi’s false narrative about Indian farmers to sabotage their movement. Users have been wondering if the same thing is happening in Pakistan as well.

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