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People Lauded Imran Khan’s Address to Nation- But Was that Worth It?

Soon after the Supreme Court gave the verdict in Aasia Bibi case and acquitted her of blasphemy charges, clerics and mullahs emerged out from the streets of the country and started protesting against the judiciary, army, and political government. Self-righteous and pseudo-representatives of Islam crippled the life in various cities of the country by blocking roads and causing traffic jams. In such grueling circumstances, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the nation came as a relief and people lauded him.

Does this mean that PM is looking forward to ending the politics of opportunism and exploiting the sentiments of masses to reach the echelons of power?

An analysis of Khan’s latest address and his stance in past over religious provocation in the country can give us an insight into the matter.

Imran Khan’s Address to Nation

A major chunk of civil society members from Pakistan reacted positively to supreme court’s verdict of Aasia Bibi case. They appreciated that a minority citizen was saved from being hanged to death merely on the basis of accusations and justice had finally been served.

In such circumstances, no one welcomed the protests from furious clerics who have brought the life to a standstill in mega cities of Pakistan. Hence, the address of Imran Khan proved to be a fresh breathe of air as they saw a leader standing to the stubbornness of the mullahs and threatening them if they dare challenge the writ of the state and continued inciting violence and provoking citizens against army chief and judiciary.

Here is how Twitterati evaluated Imran Khan’s Address.

Iman Zainab the daughter of the minister of human rights Shireen Mazari also lauded Khan for taking such a courageous stance.

The same level of appreciation came from the actor Nadia Jamil who is an active voice against child abuse in Pakistan.

Was It Really So Brave of Khan to Call Mullahs?

Well, it was because in a country like Pakistan unfortunately even debate on religious subjects is often considered a blasphemy. So statesmen need to be careful in crafting their words while addressing the irrationality of religious clerics.

As far as Imran Khan’s address to the nation after protests against Aasia Bibi’s verdict was considered it was not actually aimed at directing the elephant in the room. In fact, it was more aimed at barring protestors from challenging the writ of the state, army, and judiciary.

Few notable journalists were so quick to point this situation.

Prime Minister of Pakistan also deserves appreciation that this time he didn’t embrace pressure from mullahs and took a bold stance. His government had faced harsh criticism upon removal of Atif Mian from Economic Advisory Council, only because his faith didn’t appease so-called religious scholars.

A Lesson from Political Parties and Institutes

After Aasia Bibi’s verdict

and Imran Khan’s address to the nation, many people used the phrase of Frankenstein’s monster in connection with instituted and politicians who supported and backed the religious clerics and now they are facing their reaction.

Now when Imran Khan has witnessed how harsh it is to face the fanaticism of emotionally charged mob, he must learn how unfair it is to use the religion for political point scoring and exploiting sentiments just to score votes.

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