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Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Is Under Tough Scrutiny

Pakistan cricketer turned politician Imran Khan has finally become Prime Minister of his country after his dream of achieving Naya Pakistan has come true following 22 years-long struggle. Now when the Pakistanis have got a Prime Minister who promised in his manifesto to provide justice and make the country a welfare state, everyone is looking towards him. All eyes are set on Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan as people want to know whether they have voted for a new Pakistan or only changed the faces.

Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Facing Scrutiny

It has been only ten days since Imran Khan took oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan and he is already facing some controversies. The new premier who has a lot of critics among Pakistan’s liberal intelligentsia made the mighty promises in his first address to the nation. Khan promised to say no to the security protocol and convert the Prime Mister house into a grand university.

Whether Khan will be able to provide quality education, health, fulfill the necessities of every citizen, offer jobs to the unemployed youth and end the water and power crisis in the country or not is the matter of future. At the moment his critics are scrutinizing him on his claims of saying no to protocol and behavior of his party’s MNAs, and his choice of ministers in his cabinets.

There is a long journey of five years where Khan will get a chance to prove himself, but his government has started facing criticism on the first day. His critics even trolled him for speaking wrong Urdu during the oath-taking ceremony.

While the mistakes made for mispronunciation might not be noteworthy, there are many other things which are questioning Imran Khan’s firm stance on ending the protocol culture.

Controversies Surrounding Imran Khan

Here are the reasons why Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan is facing harsh criticism even in its initial days.

Punjab Chief Minister Enjoying Government’s Jet

Critics bashed Imran Khan for appointing Usman Buzdar as chief minister of Punjab, a man who doesn’t have a good reputation. Recently, the CM of Pakistan’s largest province by population reportedly used Government’s helicopter to entertain his family.

DPO PakPattan Controversy

Another controversy hit Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan as media reported that IG Punjab transferred DPO PakPattan for intercepting Khawar Maneka who is ex-husband of Imran Khan’s third wife and Pakistan’s first lady Bushra Maneka.

Imran Khan Using Helicopter for Commutation

Imran Khan is also using a helicopter to commute between his home in Bani Gala to his office. Well, the PTI has defended Khan’s move by saying that using a helicopter for commutation rather than moving with a security caravan and causing roads blockade is more efficient. For whatsoever reason Khan is using a helicopter on a daily basis, his move has stirred another controversy.

Less Participation of Women in Government

Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan is also facing criticism for fewer women participation in government. There is only one woman in the federal cabinet which is Shireen Mazari who is serving as minister of Human Rights. Further, there is no woman minister in Punjab cabinet.

Imran Khan has already faced the wrath of feminists for speaking against the feminism during one of his interviews.

Only time will tell how Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan will indeed prove a blow of fresh air for Pakistanis. But, such scrutiny that too at a very initial stage is indeed a good omen. It will help the government to correct itself if it is sincere enough.

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