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Imran Khan’s Sajda at Shrine of Baba Farid Goes Controversial

Another act of Imran Khan who is likely to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan has gone controversial. This time it is Imran Khan’s Sajda at the shrine of revered Sufi saint Baba Farid that has made him talk of the town on social media.

Twitter users in Pakistan that not only include his party’s opponents but also the supporters are questioning Imran Khan’s act of laying his head on the shrine of Baba Farid by labeling it as Shirk or infidelity.

Imran Khan’s Sajda At Shrine of Baba Farid

Imran Khan visited the shrine of the famous Sufi saint Baba Farid Ganj-e-Shakar in PakPattan along with his wife, Bushra Manika. Before entering the shrine, he performed Sajda at the doorsteps to pay his respect to the revered saint, while following his wife who did the same.

As soon as the video reached the social media, Imran Khan’s Sajda became a talk of the town.

After feminists wrath on Imran Khan due to his controversial opinions on Feminism, this time Khan became a target of conservatives.

A Diverse Kind of Criticism on Imran Khan

Mostly political opponents and even party workers questioned Khan over performing an act which they consider to be a negation of believing in God’s oneness or monotheism. So, they criticized Khan’s faith which is absolutely his personal matter.

People were wondering how come a person famous for his playboy image in past can perform Sajda.

And, people were quick to declare the Imran Khan’s Sajda made him an infidel.

A Backlash from PTI Supporters

And, even PTI supporters didn’t spare Khan as if he committed apostasy.

This girl who claims to be the head of PTI social media team has also criticized her leader on prostrating before a grave and told Khan that she can’t defend him in such an act.

And, People Asking Critics to Mind Your  Own Business

And, of course, there were IK’s supporters who believed that Imran Khan’s Sajda or the way he chose to show respect to a revered saint was his personal matter. And, no one had right to judge him on that basis or declare him an apostate.

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