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Imran Khan’s Tracksuit Became Talk of Town for Mixed Reasons

On Sunday April 14, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan in a video messages made an appeal to international financial institutes and developed world to respond positively to Coronavirus crisis. While, people had a mix response to this appeal of financial help it was Imran Khan’s tracksuit that remained in limelight for most of the time..

Prime Minister of Pakistan appeared in a video message, appealing to the global community, international financial institutions, and the Secretary General of UN to assist Pakistan in facing the critical financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Khan is expert in speeches because he clearly explains the issues and their repercussions unlike any other leader in modern times. In his speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations, he stated some critical issues that raised awareness in other parts of the world. This time it was not a very content of speech that received an attention but what he wore at this occasion remained a center of the debate.

Imran Khan’s Tracksuit Stealing the Show Instead of Serious Global Appeal

.There were many lewd and funny comments about the choice of PM Imran Khan’s attire on social media. Reham Khan a less famous journalist turned ex-wife of PM Imran Khan led the charge by indicating that Khan was really taking one of his last shots.

Some critics were alright with demanding financial assistance from the global community but raised flags on Imran Khan’s tracksuit as an inappropriate dress code for such an address.

Then someone felt a need to go ahead and establish this dress code as appropriate enough to be counted as an expensive one.

One user left an impression of PM Imran Khan himself on the whole disagreement on working in the PJs.

People In Defense Of PM Imran Khan

Well people had different opinions about Imran Khan’s tracksuits. A Pakistani came to the PM’s defense by referring to how other great leaders, maintained a unique and less formal dress code everywhere. Therefore, it was not logical for Pakistanis to see Imran Khan’s tracksuit become such an issue.

This one had an answer for all those who are raising this issue.

when one person was distracted by Imran Khan’s tracksuit.

Making such an address on that level in this attire was actually inspiring for the nation if people were more light hearted and open minded like her.

People Working In PJs or Tracksuit Is Actually A New Normal Amidst Coronavirrus

Not everyone did mind PM working on a Sunday in his valuable PJs, in fact they called out the criticism as unfair.

This situation of Imran Khan’s PJs was truely about one of those work from home memes and it was obviously relatable to so many acorss the globe.

Pakistanis have done a good job in trying to send an important message; the message of less obsessing over irrelevant stuff and focusing more on the critical state our society and country is in.

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