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India Faces Ban If It Refuses to Play Against Pakistan in World Cup

According to media reports, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI’s) refusal to play against Pakistan in the world cup can get the country banned from world cup along with losing the chance to hold the tournament. Meanwhile, the news of India banned from hosting Olympics have already started circulating.

India is refusing to play against Pakistan for after blaming it for Pulwama attack after JeM claimed the responsinility.

India Banned From Hosting Olympic Already

The Olympic committee has suspended talks with India for hosting any Olympic events after it refused to give visa to Pakistani Olympians to participate in a shooting event in New Delhi, conducted by the International Olympics Committee (IOC).

A press release by the IOC stated that Indian actions were unacceptable and went against all the rules and regulation of the IOC. So, the applications from India for hosting future Olympic games have been suspended.

Suspension which propagated as India banned from participating is dubbed as nothing more than hypocrisy by Indians.

Indians On Banning Pakistan from World Cup

According to media India is planning to send a request to the ICC to ban Pakistan from the 2019 world cup and has expressed its desire to not  play against its arch rival in an upcoming match which is to be held on 16 June 2019. 

The  Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has in a press release warned the government that such action may invite anger from the ICC and might get India banned. A meeting has been called to discuss whether to forward such a request or not. The BCCI is urging not to make a hasty decision.

Many celebs have backed the Indian government request to ban the Pakistani team from playing and refusing to play against them. Retired cricketer Harbhajan Singh in a talk show said that it is high time India puts an end to this militancy problem. We have been nothing but kind to them, and this is how they reply. The India cricket team should refuse to play against them, and Pakistan should get banned from the world cup.

It is to be noted that Pakistan is only being implicated in Pulwama attack, till now there is no solid evidence against Indian claim. According to common opinions the chances of India itself pulling out any such event can’t be ruled out for the country is facing an election season.

What Indians Opine on This Matter

Many Indians have taken to social media to express their views

some Indians feel that without India the ICC would crumble as it is the major source of revenue for it

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