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India Bans TikTok and Other Chinese Apps to after Sensing Danger

India bans TikTok, WeChat and many other Chinese apps after feeling a security issue. India states that these apps were dangerous to the country. They think that the apps can seriously harm their integrity and sovereignty. Moreover they claimed that these apps are so dangerous that it can also affect the security and order of the public.

This decision was followed by the escalation in Ladakh border tensions which has disrupted the peace between both emerging economies and contenders of regional and global superpowers. From June 2020, both India and China have increased their number of military units in the disputed region.

India Bans Tik Tok Over Security Concerns

The Ministry of Information Technology in India reported that it has banned 59 Chinese apps after receiving a plethora of complaints from different sources. Their sources alleged that these apps were stealing user’s data and transmitting it to Chinese government. It added that immediate action was required to eliminate this security threat.

List Of Banned Apps

These are the apps that are banned in India. Correcting the Indian Ministry of Information, all of the 59 apps are not Chinese, only most of them are

Some Indians Are Loving It

Capitalizing on the hate between two countries, netizens came up with a hilarious bunch of memes. This one imagined how PM Modi treated the Chinese apps.

It is possible that even those who condemn Modi and his ideology would be praising him for this ban.

The video sharing app TikTok has emerged as best entertainment during lockdown. Its popularity in the world in general and India in particular has spiked during the recent months. Now when the India bans TiTok in retaliation to Ladakh fiasco it seems that millions of Indian users will also get affected too.

Others Were Feeling Bad For Tik Tokers

Tik Tok is crowded by countless undiscovered (or unnecessary) talents but it did entertain a large group of people in India. Many have dedicated their whole lives for being a Tik Tok star.

Unfortunately, the Indian government did not think about those people and decided to ban anyway. It has given immense joy to those who strongly criticized the app for hosting excessively cringe content.

A Reason To Celebrate For YouTubers

Youtube vs Tik Tok has been going on for a long time in India with both parties using their talents to attack each other. Recently a famous YouTuber Carryminati lost his most viewed video to the hate between the users of both creative platforms.

It made the rivalry more strong as this user imagined how YouTubers would be reacting to the loss of Tik Tokers.

Carryminati’s fans club account on Twitter quoted a dialogue from one of Carry’s videos in a meme. The dialogue jokingly threatened the Indian tik tokers of sabotaging their jobs

Carryminati also seemed content with the outcome of this rivalry. In his way, he appreciated the support he got from Indians.

Digital Surgical Strike

Many believed that it was just a petty response from India after getting badly defeated by China in the Ladakh border clash

The master of surgical strikes launches a digital one this time. Many citizens are disappointed by the Indian media exaggerating this story and unnecessary warmongering like this anchor who is famous for his extremist narrative on such issue.

Who Is More Cringe Tik Tok or India?

It seems like the Indian majority used Tik Tok as a scapegoat to blend their cringe in. Indians blame the app for disrupting the sanity of indian society while they need to take a hard look inside themselves.

This user believes that Indian content on Tik Tok is so bad that China would have banned the app in India long ago, given if they really paid any attention to it.

For those who don’t like Indian content on Tiktok banning of the app might be a respite but such gestures don’t seem good for the world peace and economy. The US-China trade wars have already threatened the economic growth and now the China-India trade wars, that seem to have started India bans Tiktok and other apps, can prove more disastrous.

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