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India Is Out of World Cup Final Giving Pakistanis A Field Day on Twitter

India has been kicked out of world cup final by New Zealand after the match was frequently interrupted by rain and spanned over two days. While Indian fans are inevitably furious over their team’s performance that has a good track record of chasing big scores Pakistani fans are celebrating the event as if their team has qualified for the final instead of New Zealand’s.

Their mood is summed up in this one tweet.

This is How Pakistanis Are Reacting to India Being Out of World Cup Final

As if this was New Zealand and Pakistan’s collaboration.

They are ruthless in using those memes out of Bollywood songs to describe how they are feeling.

People didn’t forget to make those Anushka Sharma Sui Dhaga memes relatable in such a situation.

Some people are sharing stuff claimed to be real. Well, it is not sure whether these clips are scenes after India vs New Zealand semi final or just random out of context videos.

Momin Saqib Consoling an India Fan

After that angry fan meme Pakistani comedian Momin Saqib was another person who went viral due to his funny video in which he criticized Pakistan for losing against India. The youngster is back, this time consoling a disappointed Indian fan.

Off course, there was a depiction of reality too. Both the arch-rivals, India and Pakistan were finally heading home after their journey in cricket world cup 2019 had ended.

And, how could Pakistanis resist drawing parallels with the world cup and Abhinandan fiasco?

Many Pakistani fans think that India vs England match was fixed as former deliberately lost to close the doors for Pakistan in the tournament. Now they think that India’s loss has somehow healed the injuries of betrayal.

And, this Shoaib Malik meme…

Briefly, this is why Pakistanis are going gaga over India’s knock out from world cup final.

Indian fans while disappointed from their team’s performance are praising the efforts of MS Dhoni and Jadeja who fought till the end to win it for their team.

India’s loss explained so well by Sehwag; a case so near yet so far.

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