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India Just Became A Space Power Says Narendra Modi

India launched an anti-satellite missile today on low Earth-orbiting satellite and officially registered itself in the so-called elite club of countries with anti-satellite weaponry. This achievement has established India as a space power.

When Did India Establish Itself as a Space Power

On Wednesday 27th march India tested it first ever anti-satellite missile called ASAT in a mission codenamed mission Shakti.The missile took 3 min to travel a distance of 300 km and destroyed a satellite to mark the start of its journey as a space power.

Indians Priminister Narendra Modi on this occasion congratulated the people. He applauded India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for bestoweing upon the country such a great honor

He assured his people and the world that the test was done only to enhance India’s capabilities and not for war purpose. He reminded everyone that Indian intentions are peaceful. Furthermore, the test conducted should deter any anti-state elements.

How Many Countries Possess Anti-Satellite Technology?

India is not the only country to anti-satellite technology.  The USA, China, and Russia are other countries who possess similar technology. In 2007 China fired a missile at an old Chinese weather satellite 800 kilometers in Earth’s lower orbit and received opprobrious from the global community for producing so much space debris.

The US soon followed by shooting down as satellite 240km from the Earth’s surface and produced minimal debris. Russia is also developing a new anti-space missile to cement its position further.

Reactions Over India Becoming Space Power

Indians are head over heels in happiness. They have flooded to the social media to celebrate and brag about their achievement

Other while celebrating India’s achievement reminded everyone that it was Congress that made India a nuclear power and now has made India the fourth nation in the world with anti-satellite technology. So they deserve a vote. So, you see it is the election season in country.

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