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India Discriminates Against Minorities US Report

The number of hate crimes against minorities in India is on the rise. These crimes include social boycotts and forced conversions of the religious minorities since 2014.

The report named, “Constitutional and Legal Challenges Faced by Religious Minorities in India” thoroughly evaluates the country’s various laws which are discriminating in nature against religious minorities particularly the Dalits.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom sponsored the study. The US government endorses all such documents by this commission and they are considered an important opinion.

USCIRF has urged the Trump Administration to raise these issues with India in the next talks for trade and diplomatic interactions.

India’s Particular Hatred Towards Its Muslim Community

India’s Particular Hatred Towards Its Muslim CommunityIndia has discriminated against all minorities. But it had a particular vendetta against the Muslim minority.

India’s population consists of 1.2 billion people out of which 172.2 million are Muslims. India’s Muslim population is third in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan.

There are many factors which contribute to the India’s discrimination against Muslims. However, political parties have played a key role in spreading hatred against the Muslims.

BJP has been at the forefront of this discrimination against the Muslims. The current government issued a ban on Cow slaughter. One Muslim man was lynched as his neighborhood of a Hindu majority believed that he cooked beef. The man, Mohammad Akhlaq was dragged out of his house by the mob right after the family had just finished dinner. The family of Mohammad Akhlaq insisted that they ate mutton but no one was interested in listening to their explanation. Akhlaq and his son Danish were repeated kicked and stabbed. Later, Akhlaq was taken to hospital where he breathed his last.

RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) has been at the forefront of discrimination against Muslims in India. Many times political parties have used the cover of RSS to vent out their anger against the Muslim community of India.

India needs to take a closer look at the way it is currently treating Muslims of its own country. BJP, led by Prime Minister, need to find a turnaround of the image they have created of India. Before Modi, India portrayed a strong secular image of itself where everyone was welcome. But, this has changed a lot during the last couple of years. India would have to take drastic measures to improve its overall image as a country which accepts all minorities regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliations, caste, creed, or color.

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