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Indian Academics Dismiss Newton, Einstein to Promote Hindu Nationalism

Top Indian scientists made their country a laughing stooge by making claims that stem cell technology was invented in India and also that Newton and Einstein were misguided. Such ridiculous claims merely based on Hindu mythologies and lacking scientific research made other scientists of the country raise their concerns.

Indian Scientists Making Hefty Claims

According to media reports, the 106th Indian Science Congress held from, 3-7 January, saw popular academics presenting Hindu mythologies and religious theories to dismiss the findings of prominent Physicists Issac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had inaugurated the Confress.

Academics Proving Origins of Stem Cell Research in India

Vice Chancellor of Andhra State University, G Nageshwar Rao tried to prove that stem cell technology was discovered in India thousands of years ago, by reportedly citing a Hindu text. He even went far to quote a Hindu text from Ramayana to prove that the King had helicopters and landing strips in the modern day, Sri Lanka.

Not Gravitational Waves but Narendra Modi Waves

Ridiculous claims by Indian top-notch academics didn’t remain limited to proving the origins of stem cell research in Ancient India; they even discredited the discoveries made by Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Another scientist from Tamil Nadu, reportedly stated that Einstein and Newton both were misguided. He told that while Einstein’s theories were misleading Newton failed to understand gravitational repulsive forces and gravitational waves should be named as Narendra Modi waves.

Such statements received a huge criticism on social media as well.


A Protest from Indian Scientists

These absurd claims which were not backed by any scientific research raised a concern among other Indian scientists. Even Indian Scientific Congress criticized such claims.

Was It a Way to Promote Hindu Nationalism

India’s contribution to the world can’t be denied for it is home to one of the ancient civilizations. We have examples of yoga and dieting practices like Ayurveda useful in reducing weight, as few things to name.

But this doesn’t mean that right-wing politicians and some academics can change the facts merely to glorify Hindu religion and strengthen Hindu nationalism in a so-called secular country. The BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose policies of intolerance are no hidden to the world, has already failed to control the rampant discrimination on the basis of cast and religion which is making some communities suffer badly.

If India really wants to make a name for it in the world then its government must discourage the practice of glorifying the history of Hindu religion merely on the basis of some theories and myths. Rather, it should promote a culture of research and encourage the rational thinking in a way that it not only sets the country on the road of prosperity but also promotes peace and harmony among its ethnically diverse people.

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