Indian Army Officer Rewarded for Tying Kashmiri to Jeep


The Indian army officer who used a Kashmiri as human shield got rewarded for his act. The Indian army chief gave him a commendation. Major Leetul Gogoi is the Indian army officer behind this cowardly act. The Indian army officer said that he used Kashmiri as a human shield to protect the military.

Army Investigation into the Act of Indian Army Officer

The authorities gave orders to conduct an investigation into this act of the Indian army officer. After a reaction from media and human rights organizations. The Indian army says the award does not relate to the incident.

The PTI news agency states that authorities gave the award to the Indian army officer for his counterinsurgency efforts. The video of tying the man to the jeep went viral all over the world. The Indian army says that the investigation still continues into this act.

The brother of the person who got tied to the jeep called the award a mockery. He further says that his brother has confined himself to his room. He further says that if such an incident took place somewhere else, there would have been some justice done.

Sharad Yadav on Award to Indian Army Officer

The Leader of Janata Dal United has said that this award to the Indian army officer Major Gogoi will further deteriorate the situation. He says that the government and military should have waited for the investigation to complete. It is unfortunate to give an award to the Indian army officer before completion of the inquiry.

He gave advice to the Indian army by saying it should react more sensitively towards the matter. Such an act will further alienate the people of Jammu and Kashmir. In response to Sharad Yadav’s advice, many in Indian social media have criticized him.

Congress on the Kashmir Situation

On the other hand, Congress has called the center impotent because of its failure to curb the anti-national activity. The Congress also stated that Government must take opposition parties into confidence. Congress gave a warning to the BJP that if it does not act in time, the party may follow its initiative.

Acts of Discrimination Against Kashmiris Continue

The Indian authorities have a long history of discriminating against the Kashmiris. Early in April Indian authorities detained Kashmiri youth for wearing Pakistani cricket uniforms. Similarly, India is not serious about peace talks with Pakistan.

Furthermore, in April, United States offered both India and Pakistan assistance for resolving their issues. However, India refused to speak to Pakistan on peace between the two countries. The US even went on to say that its cooperation would help both India and Pakistan.