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Indian Politician under Fire for Stealing a Pakistani Song

The social media exploded when an Indian politician stole and redubbed one of Pakistan’s most iconic and patriotic song recently released on 23 March also known as Pakistan day. The Pakistanis are not happy about this at all and are demanding this to stop immediately.

Pakistanis Showing their Anger for Indian Politician

The thing Pakistanis are saying are worth listening to and man some insults will set a person on fire.

For many Pakistanis, the Indians have butchered their lovely Pakistan day song .They are condemning it with full force.

Some are happy that India has copied their song and are hopeful that soon India will copy Pakistan in speaking the truth

After learning how Pakistanis are reacting  to his new song through his friends and colleagues in the media, the Indian politician was quick to respond to the situation by saying that he made the song and Pakistan copied it 

The Response Given to This Claim Is Worth Reading

People requested the Indian singer to send a legal notice to Shahid Afridi because He copied your song & also changed the wording of it.

It seems that after Indians claims shooting down a Pakistani f-16 and conducting a second surgical strike against Pakistan were proven wrong Indians have lost their minds

Background of the Copied Song

The song copied by the so-called Indian singers was written and composed by Pakistani composer

 Sahir Ali Baga on behalf of the Pakistani government to celebrate Pakistan day on 23 March. Pakistan celebrates this day to commemorate the passing  of a resolution for a separate Muslim homeland on March 23, 1940 in Lahore.

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