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Indian Soldier Mentally Tortured After Video Leak

The Indian soldier who uploaded his video after poor quality food is now allegedly tortured. The Indian soldier mentally tortured alleges that the senior military brass is venting their anger against him.

Tej Bahadur Yadav, a BSF soldier, who came out as a hero for hundreds of thousands of poorly fed Indian soldiers, was demoted to a plumber. The Indian soldier mentally tortured by the seniors now works at the BSF headquarters.

Indian Soldier Mentally Tortured – Possible Reasons

Indian soldier mentally tortured because of several possible reasons. Here are three main reasons that explain the stern behavior of the Indian Army high command.

The first reason is the unhappy Indian Army High Command wants to set an example out of a soldier who went against the system to complain about the poor food quality.

Second, the Indian Army High Command thinks it can brush aside the criticism by this soldier and get away with it.

Third, Indian Army is using the same tactic of disciplining a soldier using an iron first. It needs to realize that times have changed and social media gives a lot more power to individuals, making it impossible to suppress someone’s voice or opinion.

Indian Solder Mentally Tortured Video

If the Indian Army High Command thinks their high-handedness is going to settle the issue for good, they are wrong.

The BSF soldier unhappy about the food quality came up with a new video in which he seemed entirely miserable. He also shared the mental ordeal and torture meted to him by the high command.

Here is what the mentally tortured Indian BSF soldier had to say.

“I want to tell you that they took my mobile away from me on 10th January 2017. After that, someone did something to my mobile to establish my fake connections with Pakistan by friending me with some folks across the border. I want to tell you that you should not believe in any false rumors about me unless I publish one of my videos.”

“I, with your help, want to ask 125 crore Indians’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi that whatever I tried to portray with my video about poor quality food it was true. Despite the corruption, the high command did not take any action against the culprits. They are mentally torturing me for my act of valor.”

“I only showed that video as I tried to convey the same message what our Prime Minister wanted, to end corruption from our country. I hoped that by showing that video, I would help curb corruption in my department (BSF). Is this how the country will treat me for showing the corruption? You are all evident to what has happened? I want all of you to ask our PM representing 125 crore Indians that if one of the soldiers talked about his dissatisfaction with the quality of food due to corruption, this is how you do justice to that soldier by mentally torturing him?”

“I want to request all of you to help me get out of this situation.”

A Pakistani soldier also created a video responding to the Indian soldier about how his unit provides him with high-quality food.

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